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Three cheers for Sam's digital camera! I'm enjoying the pics
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A little late to the party, just saw the pics, oh, Sam, you are so pretty! Sorry, had to laugh when I saw the shaved Yogi, at least he'll be much cooler now.

Yeah! Cheers for the camera! Hip Hip Hooray!
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Hi Sam......... Oh what great photos!!! They are so adorable. The Shepard is very handsome dog. I love that breed!!!!

You are quite a cutie yourself, young lady!!!

Thanks for all the pics........... we *love* pics!!!:flash:
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Aww.... Sam don't worry. You are a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold. Your fur kids look beautiful also and very well cared for.
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Thank you everyone for the kind comments

You have all made my day!!

Hey Momofmany that's our original couch it doesn't attract that much hair and souls not normally on it so that's why I took the pic when I could - I have a cat called Elly Mae also but spelt L.E May!

Yogi is much cooler now yes but it's winter so he has to be locked up in a warm room! He's so cute yet so bald!..lol

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Here's a great pic of Loonie, I'm going to resize it then put it in my signature!
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Here's the latest adition to the house 'Blondie' or as we call her muffin(muffy)
She's a white and hard to keep clean but here some snaps of her with a grubby face!

And here's one of Muffin looking outside at the rain....

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sam! I just saw the picture of you- you are a very pretty young lady!
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Muffin is beautiful, I love her face!
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Thanks Maryanne! At the next cat show I'll get somebody to take a picture of me all dressed up with one of my kitties.

Thanks also Kellye! Muffin is a show kitty so I'll get her white soon and take a few pics of her and post them!, in her glistning state.. Ohhhh here's one of her sleeping!

She may be little and 6 months but this girl has guts
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Great pictures, Sam! You have a houseful of cuties, yourself included!
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Thanks Tess!
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Your Persians are soo beautiful!! My sister use to have an all black persian named Pursey..his name was chosen that because he had such a loud purrr....he was a little on the shy side, and didn't like people too much...it was just my sister and him though so he wasn't use to alot of people.
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Thanks Kathy, I agree I love them and I'm sure they love me!

Pursey sounds cute, we have a kitty called Percy!
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