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How do I punish?

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A face as sweet as this........

This is Soul my German Shepard

: Scroll down for more pictures of my pets :
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you can't
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LOL The thing is Soul knows she's not allowed on our couch , light dog fur shows up well on blue!

Here's my absolute little princess "Loonie Toones" we imported her from Aussie 3 years ago and we just recently got her spayed she had a good show career and is the perfect pet, her she is just lazing around!
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sounds like a tough time trying to punish them...
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Here's my pretty boy: Elmo He's won many B.I.S and is soooo cute and adorable!
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Hey Kate.

I never punish my pets- It was just a funny subject for the pic!
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For some unknown reason my pets seem to always be "on the lookout"

'Holly' spying on a kitty underneath the table!

'Elmo' taking a peek behind mums dress!

'Soul' admiring our little kitten, "Wow, I wish I could do that"
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My beautiful girl 'Sophie' saying NO more photos!

'Sophie' playing with ribbon!
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That's enough pictures for one night I'll see if I'm up to posting some tomorrow!
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Sam All of your furbabies are wonderful I love Soul what a geat dog. You have some beautiful kitties too
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Sam you have a wonderful family of four-footed friends. I think I see a future vet in the making!
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Sam your pets are great. I love that big puppy dog, I could just hug him all day
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Your pets are absolutely beautiful, and I just ADORE Soul. She's a gorgeous German Shepherd.
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Awwwwwwwww! Thanks Everyone!

Soul is the biggest softy around she lets cats chew her ears( gotta get some pics of that) and lets them hang off her tail, and when she has down something wrong like going in the trash she will look up at you with those big brown eyes and you can't help but forgive her!

Maryanne- I really would love to be a vet!
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I Soul! What a beautiful dog! Thank you for sharing the pics.
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What lovely photos Sam!

Now how about a photo of yourself dear?
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Sam, great pics! What a great shot of Soul...and all those smooshy faces, aaawwww.
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Thanks Everyone!

Here's a pic of me just for Kellye .. I just quickly took this myself so it's not very good but you can see me!

I'll get some of better quality later , Promise!
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Here's Yogi he got shaved yesterday ...

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I just love this girl.. Holly!

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Sam! You are a very pretty girl!
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Thanks Kellye! I have been very sick over the last year so my skin is not in the best condition! All pinky & Flaky!Ugh!
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awwwwwwww how cute!!! Your animals are adorable and You are very pretty!!!
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Thank you Val!
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Sam!! These pictures are priceless!! Your babies are adorable and you are a very pretty young lady!!

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Sam, those pic's are awesome! You're such a cutie!
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Thank you Kim & Shell!

I guess there will be no problem in the future for showing off my kitties?
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Wellington - sounds like you need to get a new slipcover for your sofa....let's see, something other than blue, maybe black and tan???

Our dear Ellie Mae used to do the same thing - sneak up on the sofa at night when we went to bed and we would come out in the morning to find a dog toy on the couch, dog hairs, and a warm spot. Ellie Mae would be lieing under the coffee table smiling and wagginer her tail at us.

We finally gave in to her and just let her sleep in bed with us - that saved the dog hairs on the sofa!

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Your kitties are soo cute Sam, and your hair looks longer from the last picture I have seen of you... Great pictures!!!
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squishy face kitties

Sam that's a cute pic of you More!! :
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