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thanks guys...really thanks a lot...i'm feeling a whole lot better now. thanks for all the angels and all the good vibes you've been sending. I really appreciate it...
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Guys, I just want to say that I think that all the support and love being shown here is really wondeful! It is such a pleasure for people to just support each other and not throw judgments and religion, etc into things.

I had an abortion in Feb this year. I had got married in December and fell pregnant by accident. We were just not ready to have the child and my husband and I made the decision together and went through with it.

It was one of the hardest decisions that we had ever had to make. However, we were not ready emotionally or financially. I have come to terms with everything and know that when I do have a baby I will be ready for it and be able to give it the life that it deserves.

Kateang - you are not alone. I am thinking of you. If you need anything, please give me a shout.
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Kate, I hope that you feel stronger, both physically and emotionally every day!
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Kate, I am so sorry you had to make this difficult decision. Sending you thoughts for strength and healing, please take care of yourself.
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Huggs to you Kate!!!! Take care of yourself physically and mentally. This will take awhile to get over. In the meantime, try and eat some bagels from Starbucks Hugs!!
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thanks guys...i really cannot thank u ppl enough...

Jellybelly: i got my bagel already..made me feel a whole lot better
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Sending hugs to you, Kate! And my kitties send headbumps and purrs.
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