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Appointment With Some Kitties!

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Recently, I've been trying to record and process some cat meows for a game I'm working on. I was hoping to get some "talking" meows from my sister's cat, but she hardly ever does any plain meows either, however cute she is . When my oldest sister visited with her new cat a few weeks ago I managed to get two and some purring.

Finally, my sister just called and I have an appointment with neighbours of the parents of my sister's friend this Thursday. They have four cats and apparently some of them like to "talk" on a regular basis. Those are the kind I'll need for the story sequences. This is going to be fun! Do your kitties talk much, or do they just demand that you know everything?
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How neat. I'm sure you'll get some hysterical recordings!

One of mine does not talk, he is king and assumes I know what he wants just by standing in front of me staring. My other two sometimes does talk, and usually I know what they're asking. Then sometimes, Ginza will call out loudly just to make sure we're around. It sounds just like he's asking a question. Mrrrrauurrrr???
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My kitties are pretty quiet. I think they read my mind and they think I can read theirs.
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Rowdy is quite a talker: "Mommy I'm starving!", "Daddy pet me NOW!", "#@$%&*, Mommy won't let me go outside!"

Opie swears at the other cats and at the dogs. He will also tattle on the other two.

Buddy does not meow - he has a tiny squeak, barely audible. He will squeak a "hello when you enter a room and he adds his squeak to "Mommy I'm starving!"
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My Dottie is quite verbal. She is beyond talking though, she screams when she wants something. "Get out of my chair!" "Let me out now!" "Don't touch me there!" Yeesh, she's such a grouch.
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