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Guess what I got... It has

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A black tail
Double paws--2-White--4
Black pointy ears-2 and one has white tuffs on the tip
A white belly
Yellow eyes
A white strip for a nose but a black nose-except one half of a nostril thats pink
Curly whiskers
And a voice for Broadway.

If u guessed another stray that strolled in, you were right. You win.........a smile

Vegeta, as we are now calling him, came to us via hell. Apparently he was living with this crackhead lady-drug user- that got kicked out of her apartment, so she just threw him out in the hallway. This is next door in a huge brick complex, my friend Manny was feeding him in the hallway for about a week then somebody booted him outside. This is where we meet, one night I hear a little kitty screaming but didn't see anything, I put out food and in the morning it was gone. That afternoon I saw his dirty little face under the Lincoln and put more food down, but he was still leary. On the thrid night I brought down his dinner and waited, he couldn't resist and ran over. I snached him up and upstairs to the dogs kennel. He stood in there with a sandbox, and other esstails plus toys until Monday--a whole 2.5days--when we went to see the vet, had lots'o'shots, had 2 baths in one day--longer story--, and now is living it up in chateau Dali.

He's really very sweet, and even if we already had a six pack I'm positive Vegeta is an asset--with a bit'o'catatude.
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That's wonderful! Bless you for taking him in! Got any pic's yet?
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I don't think drug users should have cats. That's how I got Toes. The lady that owned his Mom whacked out on Meth. I'm certain Toes is the only one out of all the kittens and mother that survived because her house was raided for being a Meth Lab.
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I just saw that add for the disposeable camara that you can develop into a disk of pictures. I can't wait to get one that way I can post pictures of all my kittys. Plus put them in my sig.
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I just got a cheap digital at WalMart last week, but before that I always took pictures with my regular camera. Then when I turned in the film (at WalMart), I would check the box for pictures on a CD. That way I can always share them with all of my friends on here! It cost a bit more and takes an extra day to process...but it was worth it since I don't have a scanner.
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Congratulations on your newest family member!
This was Vegeta´s lucky day!

I don´t have a digital camera, but I also always get a cd together with the photos, so I can mail them.
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AAAHHHHH! Can't wait to see pictures!!

How great of you to take him in 2 baths, whew!
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Awww! Congratulations on your new addition! I can't wait to see pictures!
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Congratulations! And bless you for taking him in.
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