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Presidential visit

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President Bush is visiting Tucson tomorrow. He will be meeting with some of the people who lost their homes and businesses on Mt. Lemmon and he will be helicoptered up to the mountain. He will also be presenting an award to a therapist, who has worked with the fire victims, on a volonteer basis. She was really surprised to get the invitation.

Air Force One will be flying into Davis-Monthan AFB, just south of my house. Too bad, I will be at work. Of course, the base will be locked down for the duration of the President's visit. Marine One is already here and it flew over my house this morning.

Naturally, the lunatic fringe will be out protesting. Not that any of them will get within sight of Mr. Bush. The road up the mountain will be closed from 7:00 am to noon. Some of the tree-huggers plan to protest at the bottom of the mountain. Even after the devastation, they still don't want the forest thinned.
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Thats neat,ofcourse somepeople are nuts.
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There's nothing wrong with tree huggers, they are not "nuts" everyone has a right to 'OUR' first amendment!!!!!!!
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Hey I am all for the frist amendement,but read the whole post about the fires,the forest needed thined.
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It's pretty exciting to see Air Force One come in for a landing.
I do hope that this will be televised -- I'll have to keep Fox on tomorrow.

Tree huggers.... LMAO!

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A few years ago, President Clinton visited a program that works with people that are wheelchair bound. The program was right next to our office building. We had secret service around for about a month before hand, doing background investigations on all the employees, setting up security, etc. The day he arrived, we were not allowed out of our building. We were able to see the motorcade from our second floor windows, but that was it. On his way back to the airport, he stopped along the side of the road to talk with a group of elementary school children. They were so thrilled!

I would love to meet President Bush!
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Because of repeated court challenges, by Birkenstock crowd, the Coronado National Forest was overgrown with brush and old, dead and/or dying trees. As a result, what should have been a small, easily containable fire, blackened most of the Catalina Mountains and burned 350 homes and businesses. In addition, it displaced numerous animals: bobcats, chipmunks, squirrels and several species of birds.

Score one, for the so-called "environmentalists".
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The Prez's visit went well. Bill got to see Air Force One and Marine One coming in and taking off. I was stuck in my office. His shop is just south of the base and has a good view of all of the traffic, there.

Some sick man tried to go up the mountain, at 1:00 am. He stopped at a checkpoint, handed the sheriff's deputy a beer and said, "I want to go up and die on the mountain." He then ran the checkpoint. Deputies pursued him and set a roadblock, farther up. He attempted to ram the deputies' cars and, when they ran out of the eay, he tried to run over them. They had no choice, but to fire their weapons. The man was air-evaced to the hospital and died.

A search of his vehicle and apartment turned up numerous suicide notes and ramblings. There were no terrorist or political implications in this incident. The guy committed "suicide by cop."
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