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My husband thinks I'm nuts

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My husband thinks I'm nuts. Everytime I go to the store I buy the kitties something. He always tells me they don't need that. Ok maybe they don't need it but it is fun to get them stuff and watch them check it out. What I mean buy stuff is new toys, beds, treats, ect. He thinks I have completly lost it does anyone else have this problem?
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Don't worry, you are not alone. Many of us like to spoil our cats. I would buy them all kinds of things if I could afford to. My hubby laughs because I buy them birthday presents.
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Don't worry my husband knows I lost my mind years ago. But I have it doubled as I bring home not only presents for the cats but the dogs also.

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Fortunately, my husband is worse at it than I am...

When he came back from the States last month the cats got a corner scratching post, a catnip pot and catnip bubbles. I got a little US flag... I must say I think I like the catnip bubbles more than the cats do.

The worse is when we visit a pet shop together. We spend a fortune on cat toys and treats...
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Oh, YEAH...My husband thinks I went around the bend years ago... I just love getting the kitties something, most of the time they enjoy their presents better than the hubby and the teenager does... :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing2
Once in awhile I even bring a new kitty home..as a surprise..that really gets him a going....LOL (He is a big softy at heart and loves the kitties too..So, he justs heaves a big *sigh* and we have a new kitty..)
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Simon; Your Mommy may be considered "nuts"; but she is in GREAT COMPANY!!!!!

Whenever I enter the kitchen with any kind of bag or box; all of my guys and gals are "Front and Center" to investigate what the parcels contain for them. . . . .

If we get to the bottom of a bag and no "Treat or Toy" has materialized; I get the COLD SHOULDER for the rest of the day.
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My boyfriend is also a bigger nut than me!

When he comes over, he often has a treat for my girls (hey, where's mine?)
The first thing he does when he walks in the door is call the girls and give them a cuddle. (again, where's mine?)

It's not really all that bad, but I do like to tease him, telling him he only loves me for my cats!:laughing2

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Yes, My hubby thinks I am nuts for the way I spoil my merlin.....he just doesn't understand how much I love my furbaby!!!!
Or how much I love this site for that matter....he would love to put a hault to my internet days...he is jealous of the time I spend on here...even though I have repeatedly told him it is only about cats, and he should be thankful that this wonderful site takes up all my time on the net, so I never have time to visit chatrooms, or do anything at all wrong. You would think he would appreciate that!!
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It's nice to see I'm not alone.
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