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Hot Today

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It's 102 out here right now. We normally hover in the upper 80s. I'm so glad Toes and Tailer aren't here right now. Poor Toesey'd have to be shaved.

A co-worker just called and asked me what to do since the AC is out at the office. I told her to go home. Our boss always told me to do that because they don't want to be responsible for someone getting hurt by the heat.

How hot is it where you are?

And no, nothing is melting, except maybe me and the ice cubes I just put in the fish tank.
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I think here in Ga. it was in the 80s . My friend in Germany called me last night and said they have over a 100 for about a week now . The sad thing is most German don't have AC in their houses .I think this is a crazy year , maybe I am wrong I don't know .
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I think it is too. At this rate, in order to keep our 70 degree average we're going to have to get down to nearly freezing this winter. Yikes!
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it is around 80 here in southeastern ohio but the humidity is about 100, we have had some storms and then the sun comes out and makes it real sticky, i hate it when its like this.
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It's been around 75 here. We are all wondering where the dog-days of August are this year. We've had to mow lawns 1 or 2 times a week the whole summer. Normally, mowing stops in mid-July and doesn't commence again until September. Hard to believe fall is approaching already.
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104. 'Nuff said.
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Okay,that's sad. San Diego trying to rival Tucson for heat? What's gotten into this place? We don't have AC.
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We don't have AC, either. We have a very efficient Breez-Air evaporative cooler and ceiling fans throughout the house.
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