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My new kitchen helper

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He won't stay out of my dish drainer. At least he doesn't get in my dishwasher-
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LOL!! That is too cute!!!!
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How cute! Wonder what it is about that dish drainer??
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Hey, I bet you could use that cat drainer for dishes!

Now I was expecting a triplet photo. Who is this?
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Too cute!
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What a little scamp!
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Sammie this is Bails- he was rescued about 4 years ago
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very cute
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That is so cute!
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LOL! Bails looks like he has licked a few plates dry a time or two!!
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Bails is so cute in there . I don't know what it is with cats , they will lay in the most unusual places
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Toes likes the dishwasher. He gets into it at any house he goes to.

I wonder what it is about dishwashers?
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My cat pulled that one before too-he also likes to jump in the dryer-so I have to watch it closely and never leave the door open unattended!
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The best thing is, that can't be comfortable. So why do they lay in places like that?
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What a cutie!
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So cute! He's like you wash, I'll dry.
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OMG - this is such a cute photo!
But I agree with Sue - this really CAN´T be comfortable, so why there?
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he's a cutie!!! make sure he doesn't go 'oops' with the plates...
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Aww... What a cute little helper he is.
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We have cats that love to lie on our custom knives right after we build them. None of them have ever gotten cut either, and we just scratch our head in amazement that they lie there all night and consider it comfortable!
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Hissy that's just too cute!!!!

I'll have to take some snaps off my kitties climbing in the dishwasher!

Give Bail a kiss for me!!
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