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LOUD kitty!

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I have an orange, spayed, 1.5 year old female cat (our only one). She is quiet and friendly during the day and she plays actively inside and outside. The problem starts when we go to bed. After a few hours of our being asleep, the noise starts. She makes strange purring and meowing noises for hours. I tried feeding, playing, petting, punishing, and locking her up. Nothing works. She wont shut up, and i cant sleep. I dont know what to do with her. Is she lonely??? Help me please...
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How are you punishing her? I hope you aren't hitting her or tapping her or spanking her?

If this is new behavior for her, I would suggest a vet visit to rule out problems. She could also be hearing other cats outside, because night is when the ferals are the most active. I would also suggest you start sleeping with earplugs and ignore her, once she has been checked out to be healthwise okay,

She almost sounds like she is in heat- and I wonder if she only had a partial spay? Reading Amy's advice to another member is what triggered this:

We spay our cats as responsible pet parents, and expect that "heat" behavior will be eliminated. But sometimes during a spay surgery, a tiny fragment of the ovarian tissue is left behind. This is very easy to do. When that happens, a condition called ovarian remnant syndrome can develop. According to feline specialists, even very small pieces of the ovary can regenerate a blood supply and over time they increase in size and eventually produce enough estrogen for the cat to seem to be in heat. She won't get pregnant since the uterus has been removed, but her behavior is a pain to you both. The condition is diagnosed from a vaginal swab taken during "heat" and the veterinarian examines the cells under the microscope. I'm told there's a distinctive cell pattern during estrus. If the ovarian remnant is confirmed, exploratory surgery is needed to remove the remnant-during the "heat" is the best time so it's easier to find.
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I have similar issues with my cat. She just started doing it a couple years ago. We have found that she is just playing (with her glove!). Also if we hear her meowing, we just call her name and she will come in and do that purr/meow thing and lay down, or we go in the hallway and see what is going on and she stops. I hope its nothing serious
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Your kitty is so cute!
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Thanks. She is cute.

And dont worry about what i said "punishing" her. That just means she goes into her carrier cage for a while so i can sleep. She doesnt really cry in there, but i worry because she pees in there. I dont like to clean that up, so we dont do that anymore. Sometimes she is playing, but if i get up all she wants is food. But she is well fed and shouldnt be hungry that much.

Do you all think that maybe she needs a playmate?? I have thought about getting another cat to keep her company. She is ok with other cats around the house. My previous roommate had one. I think she is lonely because i work in the day.

She has been to the vet this summer for her foot, shots, and a spay, and they noticed no health problems. I dont think it is that.

Any suggestions help. Thanks.
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one thing about cats and health is their health issues crop up suddenly with no warning and oftentimes between vet visits. When you say her foot was seen, if she was injured she just could be stressed from the injury. It is sort of like a big jigsaw puzzle when you own a cat and new behavior begins, but I would really just take her in for a check-up. If she is stressed, and if she has peed in her carrier she must be, adding a new critter in the house may not be the answer you need.

Thank you for clarifying her punishment, you might want to instead shut her into the bathroom, or she will really be hard to take to the vet if you stick her in her carrier overnight, though you did say you don't use that form of punishment with her now.
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