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Daisy's vet appointment

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Daisy (my lab) had her vet appointment yesterday, and it went really well. Well, as well as can be expected with two preschoolers and one ultra crazy lab in an exam room! Daisy's in great health and a perfect weight. I was kind of concerned about heart worms because there are tons of mosquitos here, and my husband hadn't wanted to spend money on pills. Needless to say, I spent the money! I just decided that he was never going to tell me it was ok, so I did it anyway! But Daisy's fine, no parasites of any kind, and the ticks seem to be under control. Also, her sore on her neck is healing nicely, and the vet said that everything I was doing for it was just fine. She didn't recommend any additional treatment for it. I was very relieved that Daisy's doing well. I'd hate for something to happen to her!
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I'm glad things are going well. I have very little knowledge of dogs, as I find out everytime I take mine to the vet . Tell Daisy my Bambi says hi!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAY for DAISY!!!!!! I am so glad she is healthy and doing well, I know how you feel to worry!!!!! I am happy she had such a great check up at the vets!!!!!!!

*hugs to you and to Daisy*
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