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Getting remarried??

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I am thinking about get remarried - to my wife again. We are married and have been for 7.5 years - I still adore my little red head as much as the day I met her and she has asked me if there is something she can do to thank me for having my op last monday. We talked about it some time ago - however, I dont want any thanks for last week. We had a very quick wedding years ago - no familly - none of them would come and were against us from the day we got engaged ( we were engaged three weeks from the day we first met - married two years later and 7.5 on - still going strong). I finished work at 13.00, came home, showered, changed, back to the register office and was married at 15.00- then home again and back to the office the following day. I know that if we did it , she would like something very quick and probably on our own with our son - its just I am chicken to ask again!
We have had ups and downs,however, there is nothing more special in my life than her and our son and I would give them both my last breath without hesitation. I am othing without her on the airfield when I fly. Has anyone had their marriage "blessed" as I believe that they call it and was it worth it - would it be a good thing to do?
I guess this is more for the ladies - so your opinions are valued.
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I think it is a wonderful idea - I would like to get remarried to my hubby again when we get settled down in NZ - we have had a rough trot and once we get home to kiwiland, I want a new beginning and a refreshed start of my marriage - or something like that.

I think your wife would love that idea Kev, you will be surprised once you bring it up - she may want a chance to dress up in a beautiful dress - I know I do, I had a quickie wedding - we eloped.
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I think that is romantic idea I don't see anything wrong with having a ceremony with just you, your wife & son!
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i would think any lady would love the idea, i think it is a very good and sweet idea, dont be afraid, go for it
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Kev, we got married twice (within 3 months of one another). The first time was for insurance purposes and the 2nd was the wedding we'd been planning all year. My suggestion would be to have a little rededication ceremony with the people that count and ask a pastor you trust to perform the ceremony if you want it blessed. My grandparents did that on their 50th and some friends had an Elvis themed rededication on their 12th. And even though Elvis wasn't a real pastor and the whole thing was comedic, we were all tearing up still because of the love. I would adore my husband to go through such a thing again in about 10 years.

Oh--the 2nd wedding felt like a disaster to us, but afterwards we felt really married. I'd suggest something small without all the things that can be screwed up. (my dress, his suit, the reception room, my manicure, the photographer, the food) I've got the best little recipe for a celebration cake if you'd like. We used it as our wedding cake and the hotel made it for us and it is now a staple on their Sunday brunch menu.
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Kev , I think it is a great idear . I know of two couples who did that and I went to both of their remarriage . It was like they were falling in love all over again .I would tell my wife if I would be you , I am sure she would love it .
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That's so romantic! I wish more men were willing to show and openly speak of the emotions. You're wife is one lucky lady!
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Kev, I think it's a perfectly lovely idea. Please don't be a chicken about it. What your son would learn about love and committment by witnessing his parents get married all over again! Wow!
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Kev that is such a romantic idea. I think it would be great if you renewed your vows Your Wife is a lucky gal to have you.
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I think this is such a wonderful idea! So romantic! I know a couple who did that and really "refreshed" their relationship and love.
I am quit sure your wife will really love the idea - go for it!
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Kev, what a wonderful idea! It's easy to say "I'd do it all over again...", but your suggesting actually having a ceremony will tell her more than words can say how you feel about her. And as jmvito said, what a wonderful example for your son of his parents' love for each other. You are, indeed, special, Kev. She's a lucky woman.
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I say go for it kev... it's a wonderful thing..i think every woman wants to be in a wedding gown and a beautiful wedding which they can remember for life.. she'll love it...go for it!
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I think its a wonderful idea....props to you for thinking of it on your own!

Don't be afraid to ask, I have a feeling she'd be so happy you'd marry her all over again.

That's so sweet.

I know that in a few years, my hubby and I are going to do the same thing. We've only been married for two years, so it'd be just us somewhere tropical.
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I think to either have your wedding blessed (depending on your religious persuasion I suppose), or simply renewing you vows in a location that is special to both of you is a lovely and touching thing to do.

If your family's attitude has changed towards your marriage now, why not include immediate family also so they can feel part of what's going on?

Just a thought . . .

Good luck with however you decide to celebrate the specialness between you.
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Kev- How Sweet! I say go for it! I think it's a lovely idea!
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