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another question..cats&babies...

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I am not a believer in that cats will suck the breath from a baby and lick the milk off the babies mouth(as if I wouldn't clean my own babies mouth?)...So many people get rid of cats because they think their cats will hurt the new baby. I'd be more worried about a dog,than a cat! I know little kids aren't good around cats if they mistreat them(not on porpose)and little kids move fast,etc....
My 6yr old son LOVES cats,and has never had any problems with being around one. He treats them nicely/respectfuly. I understand that just like a dog, an older cat will expereince changes with a new baby(since cats dont like change,right?) Well,we got a kitten and I'm having a baby. We are setting up all the babystuff right now,and he will be here within a week or two. Kitty will still be VERY young(6-8wks),so will he REALLY notice the change? I think it would be easier for him(being so young)compared to having an older (established)cat that is more receptive to the changes. He is not big enough to jump/climb into the crib,etc....
Has anyone had a cat grow up with their child? I mean kitten and newborn....growing up together...Im not worried,but just curious.
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Please click here for a Humane Society page on babies and pets.
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That is a great link lotsocats! Now I don't have to type so much to answer cookies&creme's question.

Our cat Samantha was two when we had our first baby(we now have 3 kids). She has done fine adjusting to all of them and with a kitten I think it should be even easier. If you have any questions that weren't answered in the link above you can ask me here or PM me.
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Patrick went to his first Vet visit(besides the vet palce the lady worked at that owned&raised him before)....
I forgot to mention in my past post,Patrick has already played with the baby. My son was moving his little foot/knee across my belly like he usualy does. And Patrick noticed it! He batted at the movements. Patrick is VERY young. Vet says he is not over 6wks yet.
I had my babyshower already and st up all the baby furniture. I go in for my C-section monday the 18th. The only thing different for patrcik will be the babies scent I geuss. He will get to know the baby at an early age. I think that will be good for them both. As for litterbox cleaning,the Vet said just wear gloves and wash my hands. I knew this already of course and wasn't perinoid over it either. Thanks for that link,I will read up on it more too.
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