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Sleeping kitties

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Strange place to sleep.

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Molly likes the shelf in the computer room.

Especially when the window fan is on.

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Sam loves sleeping on the radiator, especially the one below the window, he can soak up the warmth and look out the window at the same time. And because of our boiler system, there is some warm water circulating through the system all summer. so as long as the air conditioning is on, he's in heaven! Of course I had to get him a nice blanket to use as a radiator cover.
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How cute! Peaches likes to sleep on top of the alarm clock and also on the top shelf of the computer desk hutch.
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Aww!! They are so cute bren! I love sleeping kitties!

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They're all adorable!! I'll have to find some pics to post later.
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This is a not too old picture, they just love sleeping together any where! We only had the one bed for them at the time this picture was taken, now we have two and they are slowly sleeping in their own beds.

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sleeping little angels
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awwwww they are so cute and look like little angels
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soooo cute and snoozy

Nelson and Zoe are usually curled up together while sleeping - more often together than apart!!
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just to prove my last post wrong - here is Nelson asleep on his own, in a nice sunny patch (its winter here so sun is much sought after)!
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omgosh nelson just makes me
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That's funny sicy - because your Zoey makes me the same way!!

Isn't it nice that we all get to come together from all parts of the world and admire one anothers cats!!

Here is a full length shot of Nelson - JUST FOR YOU SICY (if I could insert a cute smiley here I would)...
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Sleeping kids of any species are sweeter than possible -- kitties especially. And those that have been posted are no exception. Here are mine...

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...and Cindy...
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...and Fawn...
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Bumping this for the Furr Pictures Only!

Here is Kahu in one of his favourite sleeping positions!

Peedoodle sleeping with his favourite pig toy (that goes everywhere he goes!)

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Oscar snoozing on the cat tree.
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Sammycat just sleeps where ever he feels like it
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OMG!!! Everyone has such CUTE pictures! Brenda, your black cat is smart, she knows how to stay nice and warm during the winter!
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Sleeping Kitties! My fave! I love everyones kitties!

Muffin Sleeping!

Sophie Sleeping!

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Bumping this for the Furr Pictures Only!

Here is Kahu in one of his favourite sleeping positions!

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Awwww!!! I love sleeping kitties! Here's mine of JB.
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Awwww! JB sleeping is so cute!

Here's some I found of my Big guy ELMO sleeping.

He must of been having some weird dreams!
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