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Litterbox location...What do you think?

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My kitten has a litterbox in one of our bathrooms. We use the backbedroom bathroom,so geusts who use the one by the livingroom won't be affended by a litterbox. He willingly goes in his litterbox. I read that Single cats like to have sometimes 2 locations. We have a sm.2bdr apt. We havn't put down
a second one yet because I am still trying to train him to go in the one he has,an am undecided about where to put the second one. Iwant to be sure of the location rather than just putting one somewher,then changing the location on him.....Anyway he has chosen a spot on his own. Its right in the dining nook area between(against the wall)our kitchen and table of our apt. There is no where else to put the dinner table. He has shown interest in it,but I've always been there to take him to his other box instead of goingon the rug in the spot he likes. It would be easier to just put a box in the spot he wants to go in,but this is right under/near where we prepare food and EAT,. Isn't that very unsanitary to have a litterbox in that location? Then I thought if thats what he wants/needs we COULD by one of those carpeted enclosed box thingys that Petmart sells(anyone seen those?),put the litterbox inside that and put some decoration/type plants on/around it to hide it even more. BUt is that really gongi to make it any less sanetary? We may still smell it
even if its clean...and wont that be bad to smell that while we eat??
I also read about putting a litterbox in the diesired spot and slowly move it an inch per day or so untill hes gonig in it in another location,but I've never tried that method,and don't know if it works. If I dont watch him like a hawk,he will go in that spot. I went out today and told my husband spacificaly to watch him,and told him that he will go potty in that spot if he doesn't watch him.And my husband did not watch him and he went poop in that spot which is currently being treated. He will freeroam the pat(with my supervision) and not go anywhere else,but he likes this spot very much.
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If the kitten is very small, you may want to just temporarily have a litter box in the dining room. Small kittens sometimes get so caught up in playing that they don't realize they need to potty until it is too late. So they chose a convenient place to go -- not to be naughty, but because they just can't make it all the way to their box. So, try putting a litter box in the dining room for now. As the kitten gets older you can move it to the bathroom too. In a small two bedroom apartment (when the cat is older) there should be no reason to have a box in two different places. The cat might prefer 2 boxes (one for pee, one for poop), though they can both be in the same room.
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Yes, they say if you have several rooms it is a good idea to put the litter box closer to where the kitten spends more time or have more than one, so they can get to it in time.

I had trouble with my tom cat, as a kitten, going in the corners until I got a covered box. All he really wanted was some privacy.
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Seems to me my little kitten(6wks)wants to be out in the open where everyone else is. He does have to go ALL the way t othe bedroom,and he never does. He'l run to the same spot EVERYTIME he has to go.i then pick him up and take him to the litterbox and he goes in it. He also will stop and start crying,..indicating(if i know hes not hungry)to me he has to go. I take him to his box,and he then goes. I just wish he didnt pick the kitchen area...he tracks poop and litter and I didn't want it on the rug(reason why I have the box in the bathroom/lanium floor). He also will NOT scrape or cover his potties. When he's thru,he simply jumps out and dashes off to play!
I hope with my guidance and as he gets older,he improves with this.
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We have 3 litterboxes, one is in the kitchen closet, one is in the upstairs bathroom, and one is in the empty bedroom up stairs that no one uses. We had big litter box issues, until we seperated the boxes, and now our kitties are all content.
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Poor baby...at 6 weeks he is really much too young to be away from his momma. He is too young to have learned how to cover or even how to potty by himself! At 6 weeks his momma would still be helping him learn how to potty. Since you are now his momma, it is natural for him to need your help and to need you to cover for him.
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Yes he is a poor baby that needs his momma. Unfortunately his momma gave birth to him and his littermates inside a tractor that was purchased by someone. When they found the kittens(at about 2wks),they could not find the mother at the tractor company. So they were bottlefed by this lady that I got him from.


Patrick went to the Vet yesterday. He had his check up and was wormed. HE will recieve his shots in 2wks. The vet was VERY helpful in advising me what to do. I moved patricks litterbox into my bathroom (closer to the dining room). I started keeping him in a wire crate with limited space and litterbox at one end. And I started feeding him hard food. Vet said kittens will eat hard food just fine straight off the bottle. But Patrick is not straight off the bottle, he has been eating softend food. I stopped under-estimating him after realizing he is smarter than I thought. When he was placed in his box,and jumped out,I put him right back in. It takes 2-3x of repeatedly putting him back in it after he jumps out,but he GOES!! He is confined to the crate(roomy wire dog crate) with the litterbox inside when I cannot watch him,or when I'm not home.(keepngi him in a bathroom gave him too much room and wasn't working) He likes to nap in his crate as well without the litterbox during his naps. So today he has gone in his litterbox(in my bathroom)poop all BY HIMSELF...I Am SOO proud of him !!! As for peep-ying, I can tell when he has to go,and need to remind him to go in the box. I just call his name and have him follow me to the bathroom then give LOTS of praise&pets and he purrs. (he wouldn't follow me to the other bathroom)It takes several attempts of puttin him BACk in the box(after jumping out)for peeing, BUt He IS LEARNING,yayyyyy!! His stools are getting harder too.
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