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eye malignancy

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I am new to this forum and don't know if this is an appropriate question, but it is one I've been wondering about for a while now. My 13 year old Persian "Brandy" had his eye removed in March due to a very malignant melanoma (cancer). The vet gave a guarded prognosis, saying that this form of cancer spreads rapidly, usually to the chest. She said that it could be weeks or even up to a year before the cancer manifests itself, and gave a pretty slim chance of no metastasis at all. The cancer was caught very quickly and the eye removed within two weeks of the initial symptoms (it had to be treated for a few days before the vet could venture an accurate diagnosis). He is doing great, acting perfectly normal, very active, great appetite, etc. Does anyone have any similar experience or know anyone who does...and cats that have been known to survive this disease? I am hoping that we caught it in time before spreading. I realize he's a pretty old cat, but I think Persians have a fairly long lifespan normally, so I am hoping he has a few more years.
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Oh my, I'm so sorry. I don't have any experience with that but I have 3 Persian's. Can you tell me what the symptoms are?
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Your cats are gorgeous! I got Brandy as a three year old from a woman who had to give him up because her young grandson was allergic. I don't think that this opthalmic melanoma is specific to only Persians but can affect any cat. His symptom was a suddenly very large, dark, cloudy, ugly looking eye. It was fine in the morning and when I got home from work that afternoon the eye looked like a rotton purple grape and I immediately rushed him to the vet. She tested him for a lot of things, put him on some cortisone to get the swelling down, and also gave me pain medicine to give him, although he didn't appear uncomfortable. That eye had always had a strange dark pigmentation to it, but the vet had always said that was nothing to worry about. It was apperently just a coincidence that the melanoma affected the same eye.
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Thanks. I like to know what symptoms are for what affliction just so I can worry more!

Thanks for the compliment on my cats. Peaches I got last NOvember from the humane society. She was way underweight and sickly looking. Now she is a big ole fluff ball and the sweetest cat.

Henrietta is the other cream. I just got her at Liz's Arizona Persian rescue 2 weeks ago (along with the calico, Carmella). Henrietta is more like a kitten. She is very playful and zooms around the house. Right now she doesn't have much fur because the rescue had to shave her. It's starting to grow back and she's putting on some weight already. She came to the rescue dangerously thin. She was abandoned and picked up by animal control.

Carmella is beautiful and very shy. She is taking some time to warm up. Slowly but surely though she is coming around. She was dropped off at the AZ humane societ because all of a sudden after 5 years her owner became allergic. They almost put her down because when they took her to the mall to showcase her she got scared and growled/hissed at people.

I hope your kitty is ok. Have you posted pictures yet?
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How wonderful you adopted these beautiful cats! I bet Carmella will come around. No, I haven't posted pictures, and in fact don't have a digital camera, although my cousin and I sort of "share one." So I will get some pictures. Brandy is cream and white. The latest cat "Simone" I got from the shelter because her owner had to go into a nursing home. She is the 1/2 Siamese, 1/2 tortie mix. At least that's what she looks like--blue eys, mottled fur, and tortie markings on ears, tail and feet. She is a teeny one, only 5 pounds, and a day after I got her home she started with the sniffles, so off to the vet and into home quarantine, although by then it was too late and the other cats caught it and also had to be treated. She was so sickly and lethargic the first couple of weeks--I would bring my dog "Rescue" into her quarantine room so she could get acquainted, but she really didn't want much to do with her. She was very pathetic. But you know cats...it finally came time to spring her out of her isolation room, and she's been slowly but steadily getting her confidence and establishing her position in the household. She is now BOSS! Very friendly, but totally domineering although not nasty with the other pets.
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I can't wait to see pictures! I love pictures and am always posting pics of my own here! People at work say I talk about my cats too much. I tell them they talk about their kids too much!
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Try going to yahoo.com. There is a forum called feline cancer. Someone there may be able to help you.
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Our 'One-eyed-Nipper' had his cancer surgery July 02. He just turned 19 this month. I understand there are a number of different types of cancer, and if they do a biopsy they can tell more about it. In our cat's case it was 'contained' to the eye, and even tho it's a blood-related cancer, ie. spreadable, it seemed likely he'd not see the cancer again.
I think they guess as best as they can. Nipper has actually lost a lot of weight and is much more 'decrepid' last few months but his blood tests were great and no sign of any more cancer.
You say it might go to the chest first ? I was worried about the other eye. I've given him supplements of CTsupport (for joints) and acidophilous powder. Vet gave us kidney extrate powder caps too. I've got 'rescue remedy' drops but I can't think of how else to help him gain weight or have a stronger immune system.
Can be in touch by email if you like.
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I know these are casual posts and not veterinarians'... I was researching cat cancer and ending up at the cat site forum and posted a message.. Nipper was at the vet Friday 29th and xrays showed a mass in his midsection. the holistic vet in March, did blood tests for kidney and liver ... things were good.. but now he added a white blood cell count and it indicated cancer returning.. Nipper had surgery for cancer 13 months ago and I can't see that he'd last thru another, having lost so much weight. I wish the holistic vet, whose initial visits cost 150 and 80 $... guessed and suggested the WBC blood test. If i'd known I would have asked for it. Now he sort of writes off the cat since he's so thin and weak.
I spent a lot of time surfing thru sites and articles and can't come up with a few easy to use supplements that might strengthen him if surgery seems possible. A second vet will give us her opinion at the clinic, after Labour day...

any ideas? I feel miserable.
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Pardon, I remember I was going to say, that if a cat has had cancer, I'd go gung-ho with supplements.....
reishi mushroom and an immune builder like shitake or astragalus.
I found some good things too like chihko & circuma and pau d'arco to fight tumours..at this site:
I also have a lympatox brand homeopathic cleanser, a senior tonic, and a blood cleanser herb tincture. I didn't keep it up since he hated the taste of the stuff, was eating great (actually switched him to raw food) up til only 2 weeks ago. Am so surprised and disappointed.
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