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kinda gross cat question

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Sorry about this but...
Has anyone had trouble with their cat not cleaning his/her butt? How do you get them to do it? My Jake is leaving "butt prints". Thanks and sorry again for the grossness.
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Carmella has what I call "crusty Butt" I'm taking her to the vet/groomer to be shaved around the butt and privates to help. She grooms herself a lot so I don't know if she just doesn't clean her butt or if it's too much because of all the hair. I think it's the latter. Is your cat long hair or short hair?
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He's got short hair, so it's not a matter of being on his fur around his but or anything. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks!
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You might just have to wipe his butt for him with a damp cloth! Of course that would be a challenge if he goes while your gone! I bet hissy, ldg or dragonlady will have some suggestions! Good luck!
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Hi Amy!

I moved this to the proper forum for you. Good luck with the dirty butt!
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If he is leaving butt prints, his stool must be pretty soft. Cats usually don't leave butt prints, even if they sit immediately after pooping. Could your cat have worms or some other digestive problem???
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That would be my thought, diet, worms or other infection- especially if he is just now doing this. I would run a fecal in to be tested, and also introduce some fiber into his diet- a teaspoon of warmed canned pumpkin mixed with wet food is a good way to increase fiber.
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My old cat Lucky doesn't groom his butt either. I think he is too
arthritic that he can't twist around to clean it. He is very furry too and I have to get his behind shaved. I clean it for him, but he HATES when I do that.
He has been having diarrhea lately and I have him on Metronidazole from the vet.

I guess I just have to clean him, though it gets on my nerves some days. He is just old I guess and doesn't take care of himself as well as he used too.

Mary Fran
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Hello Mary Fran!
Poor Lucky! How old is he? Did the vet recommend any medication for his arthritis?
All I can say is that I admire your patience and Lucky is truly lucky having a loving mommy to take care of him in his old age.
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Sphinx has trouble on occasion cleaning his rear so I have to help him clean it with a damp cloth. He's slightly arthritic (no meds due to the fish they use in it - he's allergic to fish)and he has IBD (no worms but is on a special diet to try to keep it consistant).

Good luck with your cat (if you have problems doing it yourself - have someone help you.)
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Hi, I had same trouble with my Gigi, she would do butt wipes on carpet. She was heavy and couldn't reach. She is on a diet with Vet and lost 1 1/2 lbs, that made a differance. She's not butt scooting now, and can reach area. She was close to 18 lbs. now is 16. Could yours be overweight???
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Thanks all,
No, he's not overweight. Actually he is underweight. I just adopted him a few months ago--he lived at a garage for 10 yrs and they quit
paying attention to him and feeding him. He is deaf also and was wandering a busy parking lot. I am just trying to get him in shape--he eats fine, but has had a UTI and then diarrhea from the meds.
I changed his food to a one for Urinary tract health, (I mixed it and everything to adjust to his system) but he didn't tolerate it. I have been doctoring him ever since.
I just want his time here comfortable and safe. I know I probably won't have him long, but at least he's not going to die a horrible death. He is a sweet old Maine Coon cat--very vocal and very bossy. He has my other cat Morgan in a snit. But they are getting along better.
Anyway, sorry for the long story. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try them all.
Mary Fran
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I have two female kittens who are 4months old. They were abandoned at my vet's along with their sister at 3weeks old. My mom took their sister home at 3wks, I waited until 6wks to take them home so I could learn from my mom who raised kittens most of her life. So to get back to the butt cleaning. One of my kitty & my mom's kitty don't clean themselves well. They both have smelly butts. I use pet wipes in which I read about. Using wipes is similar to how mother cats grooms them and that's how kittens learn how to clean themselves. My mom & I came to the same conclusion on why 2 of the kittens have smelly butts and the third kitten does not-Both are too easily distracted. So I recommend the wipes but be patient it may take time if the kitten has very little attention span like my kitten!:kitty5:
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Because of the amount of hair a Maine Coon has, they do have trouble cleaning and sometimes just getting all the stool off. I would often find stool stuck to my Maine Coon's back legs. I used to use a hypoallergenic baby wipe. (sorry to be graphic) Sometimes I would have to pull some hair out of her butt if she couldn't push it herself.
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I couldn't resist clicking on this post, but I should have known better....I was eating. Now that I have lost my appetite, ya, I have the same problem with one of my cats - a short hair.
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