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sweet kitty needs home quick in Phoenix, AZ

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Hi, some of you may have read another post I have on here about an adorable kitty that was abandoned at our house. She is doing great now and is EXTREMELY affectionate. We can't keep her though because we have to move and are only able to have 1 cat where we're moving to. We need to find a home for her by September. She is approx. 6 months old, healthy, black with a sprinkle of white fur around her neck and 1 white whisker. She loves to sit on shoulders and in laps, has to have a lot of attention. She seems to get along with other cats okay, in fact she's playing with out boy right now. Here's a picture of her:

I hope someone can help us out. We're really stuck if not, we can't afford to stay in this house so we have to move to a small apartment by the 1st. We've tried explaining she would only be temporary, but they refused to let us have more than 1 cat. Can someone help?
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If I lived near you I'd be right over. Since you have a little time, is there any way you can find a different apt. that might let you keep an extra animal? Even some hotels will. I knew a lady who lived in a Days Inn for awhile with 3 dogs. It's much easier to get a cat in than a dog. Good luck. I hate to see you lose such a precious baby.
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Unfortunately not. We have very little money right now, we both have bad credit, and I'm the only one working. We have not been able to find any other apartments we can get approved at without a large deposit. We're just moving back to an apartment I lived in a few years ago and they aren't requiring a deposit because of my history with them. We considered a hotel, but they're even more expensive and we just can't afford it.
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Anybody? Anyone?
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Try puting posters of her in vets offices, at pet stores, and see if anyone fosters cats until they can find a home.
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I really feel sorry for you. Try looking up rescue organizations or foster home programs. Please, don't give up.
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We have signs out and have already called all the places we can find that place cats or foster them. Even in Sedona, Tucson and a few in New Mexico! No place has any room right now. We're getting down to the wire too. Only a couple more weeks before we have to move. And no one has been interested. Well, except for people who don't live close enough.
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You're right she's a sweetie!

I hope she finds a nice home.
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Any luck yet?
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If all else fails, there is Best Friends in Kanab Utah (on the AZ and UT border). They rarely turn a pet away. Their web site is www. bestfriends.org. They have an online guide called "How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets." You can download this booklet from their website at:


A few tips about advertising: It makes a huge difference to include a photo of your pet. Also, whenever possible, describe the traits, likes and dislikes, habits, and some of the little things that make your kitty special. Photos and descriptions really help people form a connection to an animal.

Good luck - I wish I lived closer!
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Thanks for the site! We have someone who may be able to take her. She's such a sweetie though, I'm going to miss her! When I'm on the computer she jumps on my shoulders and lays down behind my neck, or she'll lick my neck and check while purring. She loves being held and cuddled, she can't get enough!
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