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Tape Worms HELP!

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I live in a small apartment where no pets are aloud. Recently a small stray cat came to my door and was crying it was horrible). I have been feeding her for 2 weeks and letting her in to warm up. Well, I fell in love and made an appointment to bring her to a vet for checkup and shots. Her overall health was good. But he mentioned she had worms. I saw white back there and thought it was something but I have never had a cat. He gave me medicine and I brought her home and gave it to her. (very tramatic day) This morning I woke up and she went to the bathroom all over the apartment. She is acting really strange and jumping around. I noticed there is something hanging from "back there" She is not the same cat I fell in love with but maybe this is painful? I don't know. I wanted to keep her as an inside cat but when I open the door she attempts to run out. Between the vet, food, cat transporter, litter box and toys, I have spent over $200.00 in 2 days. I really want to keep her but she is whinning really loud to go out and I swear she hates me. She was very loveable but now she won't come near me. Are worms painful? How long will it last before they are gone? Will she snap out of this wanting to run out the door? Please HELP!
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Hi Jodee and welcome to the forum!

You have a lot on your hands right now, but I think you've come to the right place. Let's try and sort things out one at the time.

The deworming shouldn't have that effect on her. Do you know what medication exactly she was given? Sounds like she's in pain and I think she needs to see the vet again.

You said there is something "hanging back there" - I know it might be gross, but you need to be more specific. Is it dried poo from the diarreah? Do you see worms coming out? Is it something else (some part of the bowel portruding?)

Whateve it is, she is under a lot of stress and possibly in pain, so don't judge her behavior according to these past few days. Strays can become wonderful indoor-only cats.

It's been so good of you to put all this effort into rescuing her. I do hope it all turns out for the best and you'll get a wonderful companion cat.

Please let us know how she's doing and what the vet said. Don't give up on her! We're here to help you through this!
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I agree, outdoor cats CAN become indoor cats only. The tapeworm medication given can give the cats the runs. It is only temporary though. How old did the vet say she is? If she is about 6 months and up, she may be going into heat. That would cause the crying to get out. Usually if you give her more stuff to do, then they tend to forget about the outside. I know it is a lot of money up front, cats who are thrown away, usually are. In the long run however, it is worth it. You have taken an unwanted kitty off of the street and given it a second chance. If the "worms" are still there in 48 hours she needs to go back to the vet. She may need another treatment. I wish you the best of luck! Hope to hear more about her.
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Thanks for your advice. By the time I came home on lunch to check on my sick baby she was doing alot better! I watched her every move and I noticed she wasn't too fond of the new food I was giving her. I went from feeding her Sheba to the cheaper dry stuff. I think her tummy wasn't use to it, so I switched her back and she is doing alot better. Been buying her lots of toys to keep her busy like suggested but nothing really interests her like sleeping. I have never had a cat or been around them so unsure if that is normal (?)The vet estimated she is 2 yrs old. I try to play with her but she walks away.I named her Diva and she is living up to the name! The only big problem I see with a stray cat is....I think I want another!
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I am glad to hear she is feeling better. Yes, at the age of 2 she will have bursts of energy and then sleep the rest of the time. Just make sure she is not lethargic and that she is eating and drinking. As I said before, if she is not spayed yet, that may be causing the yowling to get out. Is she spayed? I know the feeling on wanting just one more. You see where it has gotten me. I have 14 cats in my house right now, but thats including my 3 new additions!!!
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So glad things are getting better! I know what you mean about wanting another one. So far, hubby keeps is down to two (who he absolutely adores by the way!). My guess, is that by this time next year we'll have 3-4 cats and a dog as well... (we're moving to the country).
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Depending on how long your cat was outside, it is normal for her to want to get back out. My latest rescue is about 8 months old and for close to 4 days, her only interest was in making an escape but now she is just the little homebody. It takes time. Since she is not a kitten(i applaud you for taking in an older cat)she will not want to play like one but she will have her moments. I would suggest that you find a interactive toy to play with her. She will sleep more than a kitten and probably will be more active at night. My very first rescue(Marlboro)had a tape worm and my vet gave him an injection once only and it killed it, he also had everyother kind of parasite but he is now a healthly red head(longhair orange). Hang in there, it will get better and you will become friends, maybe not exactly as you expect. Every cat has its own unique personality so I hope you learn to love her for herself. If she is not spayed, I would have that done asap. You can check with local shelters for low cost spay/neuter. Good luck
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