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I'm on IE 6.0--I've chosen the silver to work with (even though I'm not a blue fan) because it's the easiest for me to read.
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Looooooooove the Silver and Shades. It fits quite well with my own desktop colours, in fact. Nice and cool on the eyes, and easy to read. The bright pinks and blues and greens and whatnot are fun, I guess, but not for looking at for any length of time -- at least not for me. I didn't mind the default, though. Oh, and the lavender doesn't come up for me -- it brings up the default. My browser is Opera 6.05.

Haven't done much in the way of testing functionality -- that'll have to wait. It's time I thought about putting this thing to bed and heading that way myself!
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I'm in love with the Greens!

This has been really fun experimenting, Awwwwww! I feel a tear rolling down!!!!
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BTW I'm using Mozilla and IE.
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I just opened the new feature and went to bed - not that I got much sleep. I feel better this morning so I'm going to try and fix some of the things you mentioned. I'm glad different people like the different designs so they will all come in useful.
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thanks for info
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Thanks for the update Anne.
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Ok - the lavenders should be working now - though I must say they look different to me now that I've been through all the color changes
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Some of you mentioned problems with links on the green design - can you please specify which links and where?

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Wow, you actually have a setting for Russian Blue!! I also like the Silver and enjoy having the option to change colours!

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How great is this!! Change colour with your mood.
I like the blues
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very nice! i like the silver one.
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Ohhhh I'm being addicted to the pinks
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Sorry, I should have tried it before I asked. I like the green but there is not enough difference between the read and unread posts. It is very hard to tell. I do like the pink, haven't tried the others yet.

Good job
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I like Russian Blue cuz i have boy kittys (yeah i know lol) I'm using Internet Explorer
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Green eyes are my favorite..I have mine set on that for now.
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i like the pink one
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Russian Blue is too bright...
The others look ok except the lavender looks more blue than purple...
Oh and we need a black and purple for us edgy I'm obsessed with dark purple...and black and it would be nice to have a dark purple style...or a Gothic looking black/purple! Thanks.
Oh..and is it possible to add textures to the background colors such as marble...? Just curious.
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