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New Design Styles- Care to Play?

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If you all would go to your User Option the Edit Options and scroll down almost to the bottom to Style Set- you will see choices of colors. We would like you to just pick those colors and play around within them during the day and report back in this post about your feelings and what you find- glitches, inconsistencies, etc.... Have fun! Princess Purr you are gonna love "Pinky Paws!" LOL
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I like the Pinky Paws one, too!!!

How come the Old Lavenders one comes up yellow and red?
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LOVE the pinky paws!!! I feel so princessey now
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I love them all but pinky paws is my fav too! YIPPEEE I love this!

Opps... I spoke too soon. The Lavender one doesn't work for me. And I love lavender.
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I can't wait to play! I just logged on, and it looks so awesome!!! I am very impressed.
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Anne isn't feeling well and went to bed early. She just wants you all to play around and report problems to her. She will fix the problems once she is aware of them. How about that, customized website- too cool!
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Anne I am in the blues and grays right now and on the main forums pages I see the dreaded red x's on posts that contain photos and it says how many photos are included in the posting?
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Is there a way to adjust the column widths? The green one has funky widths.
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The blue one is giving me broken links and has funky column widths too, but not as bad as the green one.
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I could get all the colors but the lavendar.
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The silver and chocolate have good column widths, but personally the chocolate one is hard on my eyes. I like the silver and green, colorwise right now.
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My bad, the chocolate one is easy to read, the default (for me) is not. But the columns are good on all but the blues and greens and there a broken links on the greens. I also find the pink one hard to read, but I can see where people would like it. The lavender goes to the default red and yellow one.

I like the chocolate, silver and green for colors.
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I find the chocolate and cream the easiest to read. I have trouble with pages that have too much contrast between dark and light. The chocolate and cream seemed the softest, but still easy to distinguish different colours.
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I forgot to add, those of you who are seeing problems and glitches, please let Anne know what browser you are using-

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I just logged on as usual and I see orange and pinks/reds.. and.. I cant find my usercp

Am I going crazy?? There's seriously no button for usercp .
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Oh.. nevermind. It's called "options" now.
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Hmmmm I like the neutral colors like grays and blues. Some of those are wayyy too bright
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I'm getting everything, except the lavender (figures). For now, the Russian Blues are the most pleasing to me. I use Internet Explorer.
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I love the green eyes one - especially the smily faces!

I am on netscape.
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I like the Russian Blues and the green, but really wanted the old lavender...but it comes up the same as the default colors..wah!
I use IE.
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I'm on the silver one right now.. that's my fav.
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How do I get to my user/edit options?
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Never mind. I found it. I'm working in the Pink mode. I tried the lavender mode, but it wouldn't work.
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It is odd to see so many different opinions on the color choice. I personally liked the chocolate and cream and the silver, the others were way too bright. The pinky paws, is a bit too Mary Kay-ish and since we have some males on the forum, maybe they would feel left out? So to be fair for both, I think the chocolate and cream would work best for both females and males or the silverish one. I could not pull up the lavendar also, it used the default. I am using Internet Explorer. I think also it depends on the individual's monitors and the color choice, mine is Hewlett Packard M50 and it's set at True bit color 32 NVIDIA GeForce2 MX. We used to have an IBM monitor but it was too dark, we couldn't see movie trailers so we got the HP which we're hooked on.
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I like the Silvers and Shades. The others seemed a little to bright for me.
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I also like the blue and the green. The pink is a little too pink for me.
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I like the silver and shades as well... and the default is nice... and the chocolate and cream is good too. I thought I was really going to like the green one as it's my favorite color, but those are more exciting greens than I'm used to. The pink one is definitely too girly-foo-foo-pink for me, but that's why there are choices.

The lavendar also won't work for me. I'm using Mozilla 1.4 on a Debian Linux machine. (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.4) Gecko/20030704 Debian/1.4-1)
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I like the silver, for the same reason many said-some of the other colors (pink and green, especially) were too contrasty and really bright.
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Wow , I went back to bed at 1pm , I don't feel good , my body aches and have a bit swallow problem . Just got up 20 minutes ago and come in here to see what's new . first I said OMG my monitor is bad and need a new one again , we just got a new one 2 month ago . But then I remember that the new cat side is changing soon , so I went in what's new on thread and sah this one . Funny , you almost got me here . There are some nice colors , yes the Lavender don't work . The green , gray and blue is great for a man , well I like blue to . But it will come down to our own taste I guess what we like .Great Job , I am sure it was a lot of work .
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I like all of the colors. Some of the links didn't work for me in the green, I am using IE for my computer. Lavander didn't work for me at all it went to the default colors. My fave so far is the chocolate and cream, greens and the blues. I like the pinks but am not a real big fan of it. Over all I say I like the choices that are there for us.
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