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horse rescue

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This article is from yesterday's paper. No cats but a good animal stiry anyway.http://tucsoncitizen.com/index.php?p...5280d5a49c9581
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Nice story. When I was in Arizona at Liz's rescue she told me she gets very frustrated. People leave their animals with really lame excuses. And she said that she has a hard time moving her cats sometimes because people go to the humane society first. Which is good for more animals but makes it difficult for her to take in more cats. What usually happens is the humane society calls her when they have a special needs or older animals or ones they've deemed unadoptable.

She is on petfinder but I think she needs to update her website more often. Maybe have some sucess stories (not just pictures).

Anyway, I feel so bad for any animal that has been abandoned or abused. It's great to see there are people like this woman in the article!
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Last week, the Humane Society started charging a fee, to accept drop-in animals and they will no longer accept ferals. It is expected that there will be more animals abandoned. Already, several stray dogs have shown up, around my office.
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Yep! Sadly enough, that is what will happen. People will dump their animals in remote areas instead of turning them in. And ferals will be ignored for fear they can't afford to take them in to save them. It happened like that where I used to live in Michigan. I can understand they want to discourage people from easily giving up their pets but it isn't a good answer. Maybe they just need to do better screening. Of course that probably doesn't help much either because people just lie about why they're turning them in.
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The HS was euthanising ferals, anyway. They made no attempt to domesticate and/or adopt them out. They are pushing a trap/neuter/release program.

Pearl was abandoned in the desert. Lucky for her, Mark found her and brought her to us.
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it is sad that the poor animals do pay the price for a persons neglect or just dont give a hoot, that kind of person is a, well you know what they are. we have a dog pound in my area and they put down around 20 to 30 dogs a week, thats just unbelievable. strays are really bad around this county. that was a nice story about the horse.
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