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I am supremely worried about Traveler

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For those who may not know, Trav is one of my horses. Recently, he has taken to rubbing his neck on the top of the fence, making it all bloody and raw, and I have been treating it (thinking it is fly irriatation) though I bomb my horses for flies all the time. Yesterday, while treating his neck, I noticed a swelling of his salivary gland. I called the vet, who came out, took blood, took temp (sub-normal) not good, and warned of WNV (innoculated earlier against WNV) or a gutteral pouch infection. Trav was given steriod shot, and antibiotics, put on stall rest. I just returned to say good morning to my guys and now the neck is more swollen in different spots than yesterday. I could really use board magic with him guys- even though he isn't a cat, though he is a great friend to all of our cats and lets them even sleep in his feeder. This cannot be West Nile Virus, they have had all their shots. But this morning he is highly agitated and he bit me! He never bites!! EVER! Please pray for Trav Man.
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Oh, MA, I am so sorry to hear that!!!!

Sending prayers and good vibes to Trav.
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I will certianly send up good thoughts for him!
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Oh no!!! Lots of prayers and positive healing thoughts are on the way. I hope Traveler will be ok.
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Sorry to hear about this. I am sending you some board magic....
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Oh dear! I hope he is okay. I am sending my healing thoughts his way.
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Thanks Guys, I just called the vet and he is on his way- looks like some major gland swelling going on------
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Oh no!! Hope he is feeling better soon. You got bit by a horse! Are you okay, that must have really hurt!
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Horse bites are nasty- and this one hurts like the dickens! he got me right above my hip as I was sliding back under the fence-
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I hope you and him are feeling better soon. make sure to take care of that bite! Sending lots of horsey get well vibes
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M.A., Do you want me to email the picture and your description to my sister? She probably doesn't know anymore then you but you never know. Maybe she's seen something similar. She also has a horse ranch.

Oh good... I just saw the vet is coming.
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Oh you have definately got good vibes headed your way for Travler! Hope he gets better real soon.
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Here's hoping he recovers. Horses and cats are my favorite animals, I hope the vet can figure out what's wrong.
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Sending good thoughts for Traveller.
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Sending great big hugs and lots of prayers for Traveler's speedy recovery,
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Thanks the vet is perplexed- more blood was taken- all I can do is wait-
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Hissy I am so sorry to hear this,loads of good vibs and prayers comimg from NY!
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Mary Anne.... I am sending lots of horsey healing vibes to Traveller and a bit of board magic for him also. And healing vibes for your hip too. I hope Traveller gets better soon!!
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Oh Mary Anne, I hope it isnt serious! Major healing vibes coming your way.

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Mary Anne,

I am sending healing thoughts to Traveler ...that he'll be more comfortable, respond to his steroid shot, and the vet will be inspired to quickly figure this out.

I miss my days of having horses, love 'em.

As for that bite...treat it like any good bruise, cold for the first 24 hours then heat. You know he was just saying, "Mom, I REALLY don't feel good!"
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Oh MA I am sending loads of good thoughts your way. How scary for you! I really hope it's not serious. Keep posting updates. . .
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I'm sending out all the love, and positive vibrations I can to him. I LOVE horses, and I can't stand to think of one who is sick.
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Oh, I hope the vet can find out what's hurting Traveler and that he gets better soon.
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Sending lots of good thoughts and get well soon vibes for Traveler!
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Any update? I may be a little early in asking but I am wondering how Trav is doing.
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The vet is puzzled, he took more blood and left some cortisone ointment for me to put on Trav four times a day. He also gave him something to calm him down, for he is quite agitated. I have him in the lower pasture where there is nothing out there he can scratch his neck on, not even a tree. Now I just wait and watch.
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so very sorry hissy, this is frustrating for you i bet, the waiting is a bummer, i sure hope he gets better soon, im sending lots of ((((vibes))))) your way and also a prayer. he has to get better, give him a hug for me. hope that bite gets to feeling better. take care
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Oh No! Hope Trav gets well soon! Many prayers and good vibes being sent you're way!
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Sure hope he gets better, he will be in my thoughts.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry! healing thoughts from Iowa coming your way.
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