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Let's see your Siamese Cats

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There have been threads for Black, Calico's, Black and White kitty's ect. How about, let's see everyone's Siamese kitty's. I'll start with mine.

First is my precious Snoopy. He's almost 18 years old. He had to have all of his teeth removed, except for 1 fang tooth, so his mouth may be a little lopsided these days, but I love him soooooo much, and to me, he's the most beautiful creature on this earth. Snoopy is a Blue Point.

Here's another one of Snoopy

Now, here's my Shane. He's a 6 year old Seal Point. He's the smartest cat I've ever known, and he's one of the naughtiest. Here he is:

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Here's another picture of Shane. Getting into things, and making a mess.

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I adore Siamese cats ... something about those blue eyes ... Here's my Maggie, she's a flame point
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Maggie looks so much like my Snowball! He's only part Siamese, but he does have those beautiful blue eyes.
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Are there only 3 of us who want to share pix of their Siamese cats? I love to see what other people's Siamese babies looks like. They such beautiful cats, I think. I'm gonna get some more ready of the Snoopster and put them up. I love all points, but I must say I'm partial to Blue Points.
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Here are a couple more of my Snoopy Boy.

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All of these Siamese kitties are to die for!
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Here's mine!
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Cloud Dancer
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White Cloud
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More babies
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Our Siamese (Nibs) has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but I do have a few old pics of him. How can you tell he was Daddy's Boy? EVERY decent pic of him is with his Daaad.

In this one he has decided Shasta's turn is OVER...
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...and another...
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...and "helping" Daaad at the computer...
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Here's Tibby my little siamese wannabe. I'm not sure how much siamese she has in her I'm guessing very little, but she still has the cute pointed markings.

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This is Zasper she went to the rainbow bridge a year ago. I'm also not too sure how much siamese she had in her, she was a stray and she was polydactyl.

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They are all so beautiful.
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