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Review the new site and help with QA

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Your help is needed!

Here's a link to the new main page -

From there you can access all of the site elements.

1. I need your help with going over the site, finding bad links, glitches, inconsistencies anything. Just browse the site, send the cards, play around and have fun - if you see a glitch, please let me know your browser version as well.

2. On the main page there is a link that says - "new to". That page is not ready yet so don't click it. Rather, if you have any ideas on what to tell newcomers about the site please share them here with us. Mind you, it should be an introduction to the site as a whole - not only the forums.

Your help is much appreciated!
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It looks nice so far. I like the colored tabs at the top. They seem to stand out more.
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It's really looking good Anne. The more I see of the new layout, the more I like it. And I love that "New on our Forums" box on the main page... very neat!

I'll keep playing around to see if I can find anything that's broken - I just wanted to let you know it's looking good so far!
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Looking good Anne- Like Jenn I'll keep playing around with it and looking for faults, but I like it!
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I love it
I haven't found any faults but being a teacher I'm going to look very closely
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Anne, it looks great, and loads really quickly. And I love the scrolling new forum topics! That should draw people in.

One small suggestion, I don't know if this is possible, but when someone runs their cursor over the buttons on the top bar, maybe an alt text balloon with a bit more detail about each of those sections would make their purpose clearer to brand new people. I know that all of us here know what they are all about, but someone new might not. And in the typical 6 second visit to the front page, they might be enticed to stay around a bit longer if there was that tiny bit of extra information.
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looks great! I love the new on our forums thing! that is awesome!!
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Thanks for the compliments everyone - do keep on looking for things to fix though - I'm sure there are.

Sammie - the tabs at the top have the alt "baloons" - don't they work for you? Or are you refering to the articles sections (the text links)?
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Hi Anne, I really like the new look, and I couldn't find anything that wasn't working. I especially like the "New on our Forums" box.

I have a suggestion for the "new to" link. It might be nice to include a short history of TCS...maybe you could share your reasons for deciding to start the site and how it's grown since then, with information on how new members can go back to the very beginning and read the earliest threads. A brief mention of Debby as the oldest member would be nice too.
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Anne, so far so good. Don't really have much time to play now but will come back. I especially like the new cats and the links to their posts.

Keep up the good works.
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i like the new look anne, its very nice, i sent a card and it worked for me, thanks for having such a nice place to come and just enjoy amoung friends
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I love that scrolling thing!

Will continue to look more!
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Anne, I just checked out the Cat Health page and read the article. One problem...the first paragraph is not right. It's got the picture of my big boy Buddy, but the paragraph doesn't match up. Here's the paragraph for you...

Buddy is a friendly, four-year-old domestic shorthair female cat. She is fairly large and weighs 12 pounds (5.5 kilos). While giving Dizzy tummy rubs, her owner, Sam, sometimes wonders whether her tummy is not just a little too soft and puffy. Many of us wonder when a cat is just "chubby" and when she or he is actually overweight or even obese

Buddy is actually 5 years old and he is HE not a SHE (). He also weighs 28 pounds and his owner is not's Michelle.

It actually cracked me up...I for a second thought I had lost my mind!
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Just had a quick look, and will look in more detail when I have a fresher brain. Do like the scrolling "new on our forums". And one typo apparent in the "Cat of the Week": I'm sure you mean "create a cat page for your cat", not "creat a cat page..."

First impression, though, is excellent. Very appealing. Nice work.
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Thanks for the feedback! Shell, I'm so sorry I didn't update the article yet - that was the one I interviewed you for. I still have the email but with all the site updating I just forgot all about it. I will do it as soon as I can.
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Ohhhh I own a buddy!
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No problem...I wasn't sure what the deal was on it. It just cracked me up seeing Bud on there and reading that paragraph.
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