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clipping nails

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Ok, so I've prolonged clipping Maggie's claws because I'm scared to hurt her. I know how you're supposed to do it, but I'm still nervous about it. Plus, she's very affectionate but doesn't like to be held. I'm not sure how to go about taking on this challenge with a squirmy kitty. Any suggestions? I'm open to whatever!!
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Since I first brought my kitten home whenever he was laying by me I would rub the bottom of his paws so he would get use to me touching them. He likes that, but when I go near him with the clipper he pulls his paws back. Now what I do is clip his nails when he is sleeping and that seems to work.

It's worth a try. Good Luck!

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I try to do it when my cats are asleep and totally relaxed. If not, for the real squirmy one, I have my daughter help me by holding them in her lap by the scruff of their neck with her arm around their middle, that way I have both hands free.

Good luck!

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My Mom has the squirmiest cat I've ever seen in my life. She's about 10 years old (no one knows for sure, she was adopted from a shelter), skinny, wiry, and strong. If all else fails, you can wrap her tightly in a towel and clip that way. It does make the procedure traumatic, so I guess I'd only resort to that after I've tried everything else.
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I may have to resort to the "towel wrap" procedure. She sleeps so nicely on her condo but the minute I move, she's jumping and ready for action. I swear, I've never known a cat that's so active! She's a blast but it's difficult to groom her! I'm going to have to recruit another brave soul to help me!
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My daughter's cat hates having her nails done. I use positive reinforcement. After I clip her nails, I always give her a treat. She now associates that with nail clipping. She still growls and everything, but when I'm done she automatically walks over to the cabinet where the treats are and sits till I give her one.
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This may not be an option, but have you considered having the vet do it? When Kitty had her surgery last year, they clipped her nails for us (of course we didn't know they were going to do it, but that's another story) as a "service" to us. If your cat doesn't like her nails getting clipped, at least this way you aren't the "bad guy" for doing it (you're just the bad guy who took her to the vet!) Hope this helps
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My cat is also squirmy and an expert at avoiding me... A couple of times I managed to cut her nails when she was sleeping but she caught onto that and started sleeping with her paws underneath her. Also I have never been able to get her in a towel because she figures out what's going on and takes off before I can get a good grip. They're smart!!! I don't know how big your cat is, but this finally worked for me and my 7 pound cat. I wait until she is calm and resting somewhere and get behind her holding her between my knees, so she's facing forward. If you cross your ankles behind you she can't get away. Then I cut her nails as quickly as I can without hurting her of course. She is not thrilled but she usually stays still for a minute or so. Sometimes it takes a couple of sessions a few days apart to cut them all. But it's worth it to avoid a lot of scratching damage. Oh and I keep treats in my pocket which I give her immediately after. Good luck.

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I just hate nail clipping time.......My 2 year old is just fine, no trouble with her. Jake is a little horror. The first time I clipped his nails I came out with blood every where, ripped t-shirt and hot and sticky, that was after managing to clip one claw only, since then I have had to resort to taking him to the vet. He seems not to play up at all.....which makes me look rather daft as the vet cannot understand why I cannot clip his claws myself!!!!!

Good luck anyways...hope yours is better than mine
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