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Eye discharge/query to the cat experts

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I know that I need to schedule a vet exam for my newly adopted kitty (Morrell), however I have a question that I'd like to throw out there to you cat experts.

Morrell has a weepy eye. The woman at the Humane Society told me about it beforehand and said that they tried some eye drops and to no avail, the problem persisted.

It seems to be one-sided. I tried to wipe his eye with a warm/wet cloth and the discharge is brownish-red.

He is a very timid cat (still hiding out in my basement) and I'm not sure how long it will be before I can handle him well enough to place him in his carrier. I think I'll be able to do drops though. I just applied some Frontline (had to get creative as he was rolling all over the place and wouldn't hold still!) I practically had to sit on him.

Any ideas of what he might have wrong with his poor eye?

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Laurie, if he has only one eye involved, he could have a low-grade virus. If you can't hold him to put eye ointment in right now, you can order some Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form and drop about 3 drops into his wet food twice a day UNTIL you get him to the vet to be checked out.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Where do we purchase the grapefruit seed extract? Is it on this site?

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You can go here to order it, or check at a good health food store near you. You want Grapefruit Seed Extract not Grape Seed two different things-

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The Vitamin Shoppe (national chain) also sells it in their stores and online too.
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Thanks. I'll look at a local health food store to see if I can find it. Does it come in different strengths?

Is it bitter? Do cats detect it in their food?

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it is very bitter, but the cats don't notice it in wet food, I have had a similar eye thing with one of my kitties, and the grapefruit seed extract helped it go away in 2-3 days. I should say still go to the vet for the check-up either way, but the GSE could help a lot, especially in cats where the drops/ointments don't help...
whenever I notice one of my cat's eyes starting up a touch I put them on GSE and it goes away.With another one of my kitties the eye oitments from the vet actually made it worse, and I was told to stop them, and give oral antibiotics. with that and the GSE it went from pretty bad to gone in two days. keep us posted and ask any furthur questions if you have!
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