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Remember Whisp?

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Her integration into the crew is going well-
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She looks gorgeous! And content.
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LOL And on guard! Always watchful, you still can't pet her at all except for real quickly under the chin or else she nails you.
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No I don't remember whisp but they are 2 cute kitties!
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She looks down-right queenly sitting on her pink throne! What a happy looking cat!
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how cute!! she looks happy!
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Whisp is a doll!! I am glad that she is adjusting well...
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Oh MA she's gorgeous!!! She doesn't look exactly relaxed there... but I'm so glad she's "joining" the pack! But I do love her very feral look. Just look at those eyes!
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I swear that I have an easier time adjusting the ferals with other cats than non-ferals. It's almost as if they are used to dealing with strange cats. I'm so glad to see your new baby adjusting nicely! Hurray to all ferral savers out there!!
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Yay !!

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Oh, Whisp is beautiful! And Taz seems to like her a little too.
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Last night I was asleep and I felt a cat jump on my chest. Reaching out automatically to say hello (I thought it was Noddy or one of the other cats) my hand encountered soft downy fur? The only soft furry indoor/outdoor kitty we had was Bartee. So I asked Mike to please turn on the light, and all the while this cat is nuzzling me and head bumping me like crazy! Mike turns on the light- and there is Whisp!!! She slept with us most of the night and grumbled a bit when Rip came in the room, otherwise it was uneventful.

I am amazed at her temperment. She is the only feral we have that will literally just lay there watching when the skunk, or the raccoon or the possum comes on the porch. She doesn't move if a new feral walks up. She watches, but doesn't respond. My guess is this girl has had so many kittens prior to us getting her that nothing fazes her anymore. It was nice to have her company last night and quite surprising. We must have had a 20 minute pet fest with her!
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awwww what a sweetie girl she turns out to be . What a rewarting moment it must have been for you . I think Whisp know what a you truely are .
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MA, that is WONDERFUL!!! Congrats! Hopefully, this will last and she will continue to let you pet her.
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Maryanne that's fanastic news about Whisp.

What a sweet kitty!
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How wonderful. After all of the stress you have had lately, this love-fest was a Godsend.
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She came in again last night and this time slept on Mike's chest.
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awwww how cute . I am sure your husband enjoy that the hole time
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That is great news MA! She is so beautiful!
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