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Cat Eating Problems

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My 10 year old cat is having problems eating. This will be a little long but I hope some of ya'll can help.

My cat threw up twice on Wednesday and was just acting sick. He really hasn't been acting right for several months. Aggressive behavior.

Went to the vet Thursday and he stayed until Saturday. Thought he had a kidney infection but all tests came back negative. Vet said cat was pretty backed up... constipated. Had to use an enema to clean him out.

I have been feeding him Science Diet Hairball Control. I believe the food caused my cat to get sick. He has always ate dry food.

He ate okay Saturday. Ate some purina indoor cat food I had left over from a few months ago. I got it when I had the flu and was unable to get the Science Diet. Sunday he ate less than 1/2 cup of Science Diet. Monday I went to the store and got fancy feast because he was having a hard time chewing up the Science Diet food. Weakness.

I mixed the fancy feast and science diet. He ate it Monday night and Tuesday morning. Mixed about a spoon full of fancy feast with the dry. Tuesday afternoon he would not eat the dry food. Ate some fancy feast later in the night. Not the whole can just a couple of spoons of food.

I am worried about if he is eating enough. I would like to go to the pet food store today and get him some canned food.

I have some questions:

Is Wellness brand the best to try out with him?

He weighs 13 pounds, should I be feeding him 6 ozs a day?

That is my first few questions I will be having more I am sure.

Again I am very worried about his eating and afraid he is not eating enough.

Really would appreciate any help.

Thank you for reading,
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Wellness is very good, but if your cat has a taste for Fancy Feast, judging by my experience, you will not convert him to high quality food like Wellness.

As far as wet food, like Fancy Feast, I like turkey flavors. Try roasted turkey, that's why I fed my first cat. My current babies are on Wellness, turkey flavor also.

For dry, I'm sorry, I cannot help. Not familiar with your choices. I feed Royal Canin dry food.
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Thank you for responding.

Well yesterday he ate about half a can of Fancy Feast and that was it. He would eat treats but nothing else.

Today he ate a little bit of cat chow dry food. I went to the store and got some Whiskas meaty flavors dry food and some of their food in the pouches. He hate some of the dry but would not touch the pouch food... which is really like canned food.

I am worried to death about him. Vet wanted me to bring him in this morning to see if they could him to eat but I could not catch him in time before going to work.

Not sure if I should take him to the Vet tomorrow or see if he will eventually eat. He is not even eating 1/2 cup of food.

Never thought I would make myself so sick over my poor cat.

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Royal Canin 33 dry food is excellent for sensitive stomachs. Pls get your baby to a vet, I'm pulling for you. I lost a cat last year to leukemia, and don't mean to scare you, but please get a diagnosis quickly.

Good luck!

Edit: my big boy is 12lb and he's only 7 months! my girl is only 7lb, but has bigger appetite than he does. I feed 5.5oz Oz Wellness can, one can for whole day, split into feedings of 3oz am and pm, and split for both. 6oz is probably ok for one adult cat per day, if he's not eating dry, but I think he needs more.
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