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Hey Hissy

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Didnt want to keep taking away from Debbie's thread. So started this one.

The cats are fine. Tic & Tac now live with me. And I still have my cat Kiki. I have also adopted a beautiful yellow tabby whos name is Sunshine.
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I will be right back. I am cat sitting the neighbors cats and it is their supper time!
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I would love to see pictures of them! I always loved seeing your cats.
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I recieved an email that said you had sent me an email and so did Wayne but neither of us can access it?????

I think Kiki's photos are still on the site
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Hi Meme...

KF was never banned; I show him as registered. Maybe he forgot his password? I'll email it to him. Hope his email address is the same. If not, let me know.
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Ok he got in.... smile
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Anyhow KF and I bought us a nice mobile home and it is parked next to a bayou. We are waiting for the immigration papers to go through so he can move south. Seems like time is dragging by. We havent been able to see each other since the first of Janurary!!!!!
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I imagine you must be having quite a time with that. My best friend works for a Canadian company that has a temporary office here in Tampa, as they have a 2-year contract for a job with the Florida Dept. of Transportation. The project manager is obviously from Canada, and he is having a heck of a time getting papers so that his wife (and they're already married!) can join him here.
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Yeah Deb... It takes 6 months for the papers to be processed. But I understand it is even harded to get in if you are already married and moving down from Canada.
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Well welcome back you two! I am glad to see you here.
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Here is a photo of our new cat Sunshine. When I adopted her several months back she was almost starving to death. She now weights 17 lbs!

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Aww what a sweet bit of orange sunshine! Thanks for saving another one Meme!
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Oh MeMe and KittyFoot welcome home!

Lovely kitty
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Thanks Hissy and Sam!!!!

She is a real love bug and great addition to our fur family. Just wish I could afford dozens of cats.

Well I am headed to bed. Will stop back in again soon.

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Good one Meme See ya soon!
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Welcome back Meme and Kittyfoot! Glad to see you back!

I think you'll find we have changed some things - added some new forums and soon about to change the look of the whole site.

The rules have also been modified with time so you may want to have a peek in there as well -
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Thanks Anne!!
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Hey guys! good to see you again!
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Welcome back Meme and KittyFoot!!!!!
Sunshine is a very beautiful kitty, and she looks well cared for! I'm so glad you were able to rescue her!!!!
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Welcome back. I think you both will be pleased with the changes since you were last here. I hope immegration lets KF through quickly.
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KF, you should check out our new forum 'IMO' I think you would like it. It's for debating serious topics. I always appreciated your insight and opinions on the heavier issues.
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