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Since a young age (he just turned one-year-old), my cat, Simon, has made a strange, muffled, sort of snuffling sound, mainly noticeable after some form of exertion (including jumping up onto the coffee table). This sound is produced deeper down, though, similar to a cough. I have had three vets inspect him (no x-rays), while I tried to imitate the odd sound he makes. All three vets said he looks fit as a fiddle and told me not to worry.

Twice since he's been with us, Simon has thrown up shortly after eating soft food. I attribute his vomiting to what he was fed (both times he was given something other than his normal food).

But, at times, I begin to fear that maybe he has heartworm. He's never been outside, but I'm still starting to feel paranoid about this. Please let me know your thoughts.

We've just brought home Simon's half-sister, who is confined within a kitten-proof room until it is safe to introduce them.
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Heartworms can only be contracted from mosquitoes. They can easily be found if the vet does bloodwork to check for them. Good luck and go with your gut feeling! Have his heart checked for a murmer too!
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I would ask for an x ray to take a look at the lungs. If it were heartworm, it's very likely that it wouldn't show up on a blood test. Only the females will show up, and because cats hearts are so small, it could only take one worm to cause a problem.
The first 2 things you would want to adress, are asthma or heart murmer. If the noise isnt coming from the chest, it could be a problem in the sinus cavity.
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Also another way the worms would only show up in the bloodwork is if they have grown to adult size you hopefully want to catch them at their immature stage so an x-ray is best, or even an ultra-sound. The vet can inject a dye in the cat and watch the results on the screen to find the worms.

Good luck!
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