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My Hyperthyroid Cat Stopped Eating

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I have a 14 year old male cat who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 8 months ago. He has always had a HUGE appetite because of the hyperthyroidism, he was always hungry. We're still trying to figure out his meds because they turned him hypothyroid, but he still had his appetite. Well we went on vacation a few weeks ago and when we came back he wasn't eating well. He has been gradually eating less and less. Does anybody have any suggestions for making the food more appetizing? We tried warming it up, serving at room temperature, serving it cold. . .(we feed Blue dry food and Innova wet food). I don't know if he suddenly decided he doesn't like the brand anymore or what, because he will get excited when we get the food out, then he will smell it, sometimes take a few bites, then wander off. This is not normal for him, he will eat ANYTHING, he has never been picky.

Should I mix some broth or tuna in with his food? Try a different brand? Please help!

(Oh and we are keeping an eye on the whole situation. . .if he doesn't get his appetite back soon we're taking him to the vet)
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if he doesn't get his appetite back soon we're taking him to the vet

I have to tell you, the time to take him to the vet is NOW. Please make an appointment for him first thing tomorrow morning for the same day. Whenever a cat stops eating something is terribly wrong and finding out what's wrong can't wait. A vet visit is really an emergency in a situation like this. This could be an issue with his medication, liver disease, kidney disease, a dental problem, or something else. He needs a physical exam, X-rays and complete blood work (complete chemistry profile and CBC) to start with to help your vet determine where the problem is. If he's not eating that means he's also dehydrated, so he'll need subQ fluids while he is at the vet for the exam.

I would take home several new foods to see if anything might appeal to him, but only AFTER he's had his vet visit. The vet visit - exam and tests - must come first.
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Well after I posted the thread, I gave him his dinner and he ate a little, then I was going to call the vet in the morning. But he ate all his food in the morning, and his appetite came back, complete with digging in the trash for food and begging at the table. He ate ALL his food, and we gave him roasted chicken mixed in with it and he ate it all then too. So I really don't know what happened. Maybe he was too hot? He ate it all yesterday, and he's eaten all his food today too.
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Well I was going to say maybe the thyroid med dose is too high? But since you said he's eating well again, I guess nevermind! I know when it's super hot, my cats won't eat much, and I don't either. Hope he keeps eating!!
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It's weird because when he first went on the meds he had to start at a really high dose because his thyroid levels were so high (the vet said the worst he has ever seen) but then after only a month we had to cut the meds down, and now cut them down again because they turned him hypothyroid. But even though he is hypothyroid he still eats a ton.

We also got him some junk food (fancy feast) to mix in with his food in case he starts not eating again. He loves fancy feast.
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