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anyone else addicted to this?? It's become my passion (next to cats, buffy the VS and shoes! )

I love to give them as gifts.

any other scrapbookers out there?
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I've always wanted to give it a try, but I don't have the patience or the creativity that it requires. I've seen some really great scrapbooks and some are just the cutest things! When ever I go through the Craft Dept at WalMart I always check out the new scrapbooking stuff. I did notice the other day that they had Cat and Mouse cutouts!

Maybe someday, I'll give it a try.
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I have done a few, but frankly in the last couple of years, it has just been a matter of me stuffing things into a drawer and saying to myself..."scrapbook later...scrapbook later..."
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I don't consider myself to be creative. I really want to be though and scrapbooking is a relatively easy way to exercise that muscle so to speak. There are tons of books with ideas and I love the finished product.

I've been on a tear lately but I seem to go through phases. I'll do this for awhile and then move on to something else and then come back to this.

as some of my TCS friends know, last year was a 'blanket' year for me.
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I do scrapbooking, but I am on hiatus this summer, will start again in fall.
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I'm the scrapbooking queen in my circle of friends and co workers! And I never used to consider myself creative. The longer I do it though, the better the pages get. Recently I did a little 7"x5" scrapbook for a friend I worked with going to Mecical school. It was pictures of many of our co workers with quotes by their pictures.

I have all the scrapbooking toys. Sticker makers, laminator, magnet maker, stamps, embossing gun, drawers of decorative scissors and templates, tons of punches in all sizes and the list goes on.

I go through stages where I'll scrap like hell for a couple months and then I take a couple months off. I love it! Have to stay out of scrapbook stores though.... I already have too much and always end up spending too much money!
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ScrapBooking's cool!
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I think it would be something I'd enjoy, but it seems like you need much more creativity than I have.
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