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what are you doing right now?

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Well i'm eating some half baked ben & jerry's icecream (chocolate fudge brownie & Chocolate chip cookie dough. I should be cleaning the house but i'm just feeling kinda depressed. I was working on setting up my fish tank again. I guess i'll do that once i'm doing with the icecream.
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oooo you are so eating one of my fav icecream!!!! I'm viewing movie trailers on
while my son sleeps on my shoulder And drinking a cup of bitter coffee that needs more sugar.
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watching seinfeld (just ended)
playing on the net, TCS, ebay, etc.
drinking coffee
making some edamame

I would LOVE some icecream tho! Big fan of that!

PP, sorry you're feeling a little blue. hope the B&J perks ya up!
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I am as pleased as pie - just finished washing and sunning the litterboxes, and the kitties rushed in right away to use the clean facilities. Not ever a clean moment.

Hey, thanks for the reminder! I was looking for a reward, forgot about the B&J, mine is the Heath Crunch one. Yay!

Sorry you're feeling down, I've been that way all morning, I too hope the B&J cheers you up.
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Just ate dinner (steak and hashbrowns) and now finishing my soda Barq's Root beer. Right before that I layed down for about an body was running on fumes!

Honestly, I just don't feel good. I'm not ill or anything, I just don't feel normal. Hell...I'm never normal!

Val...that icecream sounds soooooooo good right now! Too bad I don't have any here and I'm too dang tired to go get some!
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Well...I just finished vacuuming cat hair off my furniture, and right now I'm posting a response to your thread.
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Doing some laundry and vacuuming cat hair! Next is the kitchen then the bathroom. I was very lazy this morning. Had a hard time getting up and mustering up any energy. So now I'm making up for it!
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I'm alternating between here, MSN Gaming Zone and the patio.
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Just got home from a new restaurant in town - they had the best grilled Rainbow Trout, steamed veggies and salad. Then went to Target and bought a veggie steamer - Jake liked the steamed veggies so much that he wanted a steamer - found one for only $19.99. I saw a underwire sports bra that I wanted byt not in my size so I will wait til they have it - mind you, target just opened a week ago here, so they will have it soon - lots of things are running out there. Then did the groceries and now I am watching The Kid on Disney Channel.
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I am at the State Fair tonight
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I am home - alone (well my son and the cats are sleeping) - its just past midnight - I am folding laundry (very slowly ) - and watching The Gift!!!

I saw this movie when it was at the movies and found it vey scary, and for the next 7 nights my s/o will be doing nightshifts, so I´m gonna be alone at night all week!!!

Why couln´t tonights film be Notting Hill???
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Sitting here feeling lousy. I have had some strange stomach/intestinal type problem over the past 2 days, I feel like there is something moving veeeerrrrry slowly through me that is not at all happy to be in me. I wish it would leave already! I couldn't get to see the doctor yesterday, and there is no way I am going to an ER unless it is a real emergency. I have taken several OTC remedies and nothing helps. In the beginning, I thought it was muscular, since my back and sides were killing me.

Other than that, I am enjoying the air conditioning and listening to Tybalt playing Age of Mythology on his computer a couple of feet away.

Interesting note: There is only ONE cat in the room right now! Sunshine is sleeping here on the floor next to me. The other lazy bums are probably split between the couch and the bed...
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I just finished deadheading my lengthiest rose bed (runs the length of our driveway which is over 3 car lengths long), trimmed my two hanging baskets and my 4 wooden fence container planters, and repotted a hens and chickens that had too many chickens to stay in its current pot

Next comes biz stuff, dishes, a cm dinner later (we follow CALP), and then boxing comes on...hah! Acelino Freitas defending his title again.

I can't explain it, I love lace, gourmet cooking, nice jewelry, gorgeous kitties..and every sport known to man or woman (as a spectator).
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the gift is a great movie!! Maybe I will put that one and do some clean after all
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Lounging around in my Piglet pyjamas and drinking hot chocolate, trying to type around a purring kitty. I've written a couple of poems tonight and wrote a whole chapter for my book (I'm up to 151 pages of binder paper now! lol), so now I'm just lying around.
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Are you writing a book Jenn? What is it about?
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Did some fun reading (i.e. not for work)
Checked out TCS
About to close up and go to bed, after taking Ivo out for her walk in the hall.
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Just got done eating my favorite food....ribs from a pizza place in town MMMMMMMmmmmmmm they were great. Laying on the couch with a cat curled up sleeping next to me.
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Just sitting here relaxing. I have hurting feet, I have been shopping all day. I was supposed to go to a theme park today with my daughter, she is 14 and she didnt want to go with "just Mom" so we didnt go. I guess I'm just no fun now that she is a teenager. Neither of my daughters wanted to do anything today so I took the money that I was gonna spend at the theme park and went clothes shopping for me instead, got some really good deals too and I really needed them. Love those end of season sales.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Are you writing a book Jenn? What is it about?

Mostly, it's just a compilation of the weird characters that I've made up in random short stories but now they are all together.

It's kind of... hard to explain. It's taken so many twists and turns since it's started that I don't even know where it's going. At one point, I was going to quit, but my English teacher told me to keep going. Now, it's more like I sit at the typewriter and it pretty much writes itself.

It's about this girl, Kayla, a strange character who's always out of place. She's just moved to a new/old house and there's a ghost of a girl that lived there many years before. Together, they unleash secrets about the house and about themselves, and it turns out that the ghost, Isabella, is actually related to Kayla and tells her some vital things about herself and her family. I know it sounds stupid but everyone that's looked at it has told me to keep going with it... it sounds like an overused plotline, but no one
has told me to stop yet... lol.
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I would love to read that!!! I love reading ghost stories. And I love reading people's stories, when they let me. I hope you will let us read it one day.
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right now I am watching cute wild animal baby stories on animal planet.. Right now it's 4 baby tigers.. Probably a repeat but I don't watch TV much so it's new to me
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I'm chatting on MSN to my friends.
Waiting for mum to bring me home some dinner.
Feeling sorry for myself, I have the flu yet again and I'm down in the dumps.
Waiting for Australian Idol to come on and........ feeling thirsty!
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Oh, hugs, Sam, feel better soon. Missed you earlier. Was feeling kinda in the dumps myself especially after finishing the bills, then I got a little energy spurt and cleaned the litterboxes (see post above) and it made me feel so good that the kitties had clean facilities.

Too late to go to the store, wouldn't have minded seeing The Gift again.

Yay, Jenn, my kitty's named Kayla too! What a nice choice of name for your story, sounds exciting, love ghost stories. If you decide to share, would love to read it too!
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Thanks hun!!!!!! (((HUGS)))

Ghost stories LOVELY!!!!!
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Glad you are feeling better Samantha and Superkitty.... What I am doing now is at the IL State Fair at a cybercafe on a computer posting on TCS
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