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My cat is too fat to clean her bottom!

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My cat is really pudgy and can no longer reach her behind when she's grooming. I am putting her on a diet, but I need some help with the butt issue because it's almost impossible for me to get it clean with towels. Should I shave it? I've been googling this problem and it seems some people buzz off the behind hair so stuff doesn't stick so much. If this is a good idea, does anyone have a recommendation for a shaver to buy? Should I just bring her to a groomer? If not, what do you suggest?

thank you for any help.
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Here are several different answers necessary, as I think we do have several different issues.

Being too fat and having difficulty to groom itself isnt not unusual, and of course, something must be done.
You did mentioned a diet. Which do you use?
Fat cats shall not starve, the liver may get hurt. (starving not so dangerours for normal weight cats, but thus dangerous for fat cats).
Dry food with low fat isnt always the best, especially if there are lots of carbohydrates instead...
Eating wet food almost exclusively is what I recommend. Good overall nourishment, and in practice being a mild banting diet.
Try to get her move more is also good... Playing.

Yes, shave or clip down behind may be a good idea. If you cant do it yourself, why, use a groomer if you want.

The real problem here is, what washes? why? Taking as example our residents. They very seldom do soil themselves on the behind. As yet, we had never washed our short-haired residents. True, they are wellbehaving boys and do wigorously wash themselves if need be, but they never get messy on they behind so we must think about bath...
So I suspect your girl does quite often have diarrhea? So this is the problem.
Normal cat poo is rather hard sausages or pears. You can held them with fingers without difficulty, hardly soiling yourself.
Sometimes they can get somewhat rare yes...
But soiling soililing, ie diarrhea - should NOT be common.
At best, try to change the food (preferably slowly - many cats dont manage to quickly change their diet nor even mark of the food).

If this dont helps - please do consult a good vet.
You will perhaps even to consider consulting a good vet already now - if you have such a nearby.

Good luck!


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I'm just wondering.. but why is fasting not good for fat cats.

I believe fasting can be good for everyone, when I say this I
mean juice fasting so that the body still gets vitamins & minerals.

One disadvantage I see with fat anything fasting, is fasting can
actually slow down your metabolism as your body shifts to a conservation

I'm sure all animals are forced to fast sometimes, not by choice.

In my experience, once an animal is overweight is tough to reverse it.

Good luck
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Originally Posted by newcat19 View Post
I'm just wondering.. but why is fasting not good for fat cats.
They get easily liver damages. A so called fatty liver.
I presume they dont always get it, but the risk is much higher.

Im not sure of the mechanisms behind, but I have heard it from many sources, also experienced vets.

Fasting is not at all same danger for normalweight cats. As can be seen for cats who got astray, and get stucked somewhere for days.

And this is of is of course luckyli for all homeless cats...
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As was said, definitely do not fast your cat. You can aim for 1-2% body weight loss per week though.

Rather than go with those "diet" kibbles, I would recommend sticking with a quality grain-free kibble and simply feeding less. More of the diet should consist of wet food, which tends to be lower carb and since its mostly water is more filling so your cat still feels satiated after a meal. Reason is that high-carb diets tend to promote obesity in cats. We do two wet meals and one dry meal a day. Poo should be tootsie roll shaped, so if you are getting cow patties that is very soft, you may have a food allergy or other issue.

Exercise is equally important, and I find that the da bird wand toy with mouse or feather attachments really gets them panting.

For the bootie cleanup, you can bring kitty to a groomer if its a longhair to get butt-buzzed and you can also just use regular plain baby wipes if there is an accident.
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Take your kitty to the groomer and have a hygiene cut. Get some kitty "baby wipes" from the pet store and help her stay clean. I would never fast a cat but gradually reduce the amount of food you are giving her. Play time to force exercise will help a lot.

I know about this. I had a cat that got up to 21 pounds. My fault. I could never say no to her. I did not help her by feeding her whatever she wanted and in the end had to put her on a diet. I still feel bad about allowing her to get so big. I know she had to be very uncomfortable.
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