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Meowing in her sleep??

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I am sitting here at the computer, Dorothy is sleeping on the Ikea chair foot rest thing turned cat lounge next to the window, and she just mewed twice. Didn't move or even twitch, that I saw. Fast asleep.

I think she's done it before, but I never really thought it was her meowing, I kind of thought it must've been noises outside (we're near a park so there's kids yelling a lot and stuff). But this time was definite. Almost a sad little mew. I wonder what's running through her little head...

Do anyone else's cats talk in their sleep??
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Really? No other cats meow in their sleep? I must say, I've never experienced it before with any other cats, but there must be some out there..
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None of mine do.....but all 3 of my dogs do, my Boxer runs all night long, LOL
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Well, I'd probably have to have a cat the meows when she's awake first!

The only thing Holland does when she's sleeping deeply is twitch and snore...
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oh sweet memories...Bella used to meow in her sleep, but never when she was awake.
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My Korat does that sometimes, but his meows are pretty loud, and sound more like a howl.
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My female tonk will growl in her sleep. It's really funny! It's this low guttural growl and she sounds really pissed. We always laugh at her and wake her up!

She also sleeps with her eyes half open and when she's sound asleep you can see her eyes moving! It's very creepy!!
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My Utu does it a lot actually. Almost daily. It's 'gotten worse', meaning that he started when he was around 2 years old and used to do it randomly maybe once or twice a month and now he is 4 and is doing it more often.

I remember the first time he did it, the other cats (and I) were like "what the...?!". He sounded totally different than when awake. He sounded almost like a kitten. Now he's gotten louder, sounds more like himself, and usually even wakes up to his own meowing. The other kitties have gotten used to it but I still find it odd/funny/confusing. He doesn't seem to mind, just goes back to sleep.

He does lots of things while sleeping, paws, whiskers, tail and mouth going all the time, much more than my other cats. He usually sleeps belly up, looking like a passed out person or a road kill. My ex's friend used to call him 'a cheap woman' because of this.
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Growling? That's a new one! That would make me laugh too probably.

Dorothy's sleep-meow was almost kittenish. It was soft and small, if that makes sense. When she's awake, she meows pretty loudly. So I feel like it was the equivalent of when a person softly mumbles in their sleep.

Anyway I haven't heard her do it since the other day, but since I am now convinced I have heard her meow in her sleep before, I'm sure I'll hear it again.
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She just did it again! This time I heard some meowing from the spare room, we have a sofa in there which is a popular afternoon napping spot, and also the litterboxes are in there. I ran in to make sure she wasn't meowing in the litterbox, and she wasn't. Just on the sofa in the sun, and meowed at me a few times too and seemed kind of upset, until I went to her and started petting her and talking to her, then she calmed down and purred, and I brought her out into the living room with me. It seemed like something upset her, either a bad dream, or maybe she forgot where she was when she woke up and thought she was alone? Or something else maybe. She's fine now, but definitely was bothered by something.
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I can tell you that our beloved Sweety use to not only meow but sometimes cry loudly in her sleep, sometimes frantic as if having a nightmare and we would have to wake her by talking to her and reassuring her we were there to calm her down........It really scared me sometimes, being a vivid dreamer, nightmare person myself I felt like I knew what she was feeling.
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My sister's cat does that! He like YELLS! It's not just a little meow, he will be sleeping and go MEOOWWWggggrrrrhh. And twitches all over the place. Like he's running from a dog or something in his dream lol.
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Yes!  My Ziggy meows in his sleep too... all the time.  I work from the home and he sleeps in his perch in my office so I'm with him all the time.  He will be sound asleep and let out a little "mew".  Sometimes he wakes himself up and looks at me like I woke him up.  Sometimes he will twitch too.  But most of the time, it is just a sweet little "mew".  I haven't thought anything of it and just saw it as normal kitty behaviour.  :)

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My cat meows in her sleep bless her
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