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Need a bit of board magic please...

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My mum's bengal - Xanadu is very very sick...

He is at the vet at the moment for observation but the vet has no idea what the problem is. He has bloody diarhoea, is coughing and a fever of over 40 degrees celcius - he is also very listless. He is not even a year old!

Please send prayers for us!

Thank you!
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Don't give up. Let pray that the cat will be hard enoght to go though the event.
Garfy mum
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Sending lots of healing vibes and thoughts your way.
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The cat is in the best possible place at the moment and my thoughts and prayers are with you. If there is anything i can do from this side of the world - dont hesitate to contact me.
Heres to a speedy recovery and huge hugs in a few days time

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Sending good vibes for the kitty I hope that he is better soon.
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Good thoughts comming Xanadu's way from Salt Lake City, Utah.
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good kitty vibes coming from pennsylvania
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More good vibes from Pennsylvania coming from me and the kitties
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Will be parying for your bengal cat Hope the vet can find whats wrong with the baby and find a cure for it .
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Thank you everyone. I will give feedback as soon as I have some!

Thanks again. Enjoy your weekends!
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Good vibes coming from Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada!
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will be sending out good thoughs for Xanadu!
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Positive healing thoughts going your way!

Mega hugs to you and to your mum.

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Sending positive thoughts for Xanadu from PA.
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Posive thoughts and good vibes are on the way from Minnesota!
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I'm praying that he gets better ASAP! Sending many good vibes and thoughts you're way!
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I will be praying for your cat. Hope he gets better soon.
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Sending only the best vibes for your moms cat from Wellington,New Zealand

Keep us updated!!!!
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sending ((((vibes)))) your way, hold on to hope, poor baby i hope he gets better, this makes me sad
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And more good vibes -- these from Vancouver BC, Canada. Hopw the vet finds the problem quickly and gets Xanadu back on his paws soon.
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Hi all

He is MUCH better! Thanks - the magic works. The vet let him come home. His temp is down, runny tummy is much improved. I have advised my mum to give him pumpkin - which is causing much amazement and wonderment.

I will keep you posted but at the moment it just seems to have been some sort of virus...

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.

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Oh! Shadow that's fantastic news!

Thanks for keeping us posted.. I'll keep sending those vibes!

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Please thank all those wonderful people out there for all their love, prayers and good wishes. Xanadu is back home and although he still taking antibiotics, his temperature is normal again and he is much better. It is very cold outside so he is tucked up in your brother's bed with a heater to warm the room and his Bengal brother Kublai Khan to keep him company. The other cats think that this is very unfair but they need to get some fresh air and exercise by chasing field mice and any foolish lizards that have not tucked themselves in today.

I am deeply touched by the love and caring shown around the world and it proved a great comfort to know that I was not the only one praying. If anyone out there needs my prayers for their kitties, please pass their requests on to me and I will do so willingly. I am deeply grateful.

With all my love
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Oh! Tell your mother we are more than happy to help out when a kitty friend is in the rough! This message made me cry!

Hugs to you and mom!
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