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Did You Guys Read This?

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Express-News: Metro and State
Jury hears veterinarian describe cat's

By Kate Hunger
San Antonio Express-News

Web Posted : 06/23/2001

A veterinarian Friday testified that a badly burned cat brought to her clinic five
months ago had been soaked with a flammable liquid before being set on fire.

"It smelled like lighter fluid or diesel," said Dr. Melissa Draper, who works for
the Animal Defense League.

She told jurors the young male cat suffered second- and third-degree burns
over his entire body and had to be euthanized.

Her testimony came during the trial of Brian Tarver, 19, who is charged with
cruelty to animals in the Jan. 23 incident.

Co-defendant Kenneth Matt, 21, received nine months in jail and a $4,000 fine
earlier this week after pleading no contest in a bargain with prosecutors.

Tarver's attorney, Tom Clark, said his client was present when the young male
cat was set on fire but hadn't participated or known what was about to happen.

"He had no idea the cat was fixing to be lit on fire," Clark said after the trial
recessed for the weekend.

The state is expected to rest Monday afternoon when trial resumes in County
Court-at-Law No. 9.

Cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor that carries up to a year in jail and a
maximum fine of $4,000. A new state law effective Sept. 1 makes the most
serious cases to felonies punishable by up to two years in a state jail and a
maximum fine of $10,000.

Also Friday, County Court-at-Law Judge Jo Ann DeHoyos ordered a man
who shot his neighbor's dog to spend 30 days in jail as an additional sanction on
his sentence of a year's probation.

Brent A. Conlin, 32, pleaded guilty last month to cruelty to animals for shooting
and killing Jack Henry, an 11-year-old German shorthaired pointer, in
November 1999.

DeHoyos also fined him $1,500, ordered him to pay the owner the dog's
estimated value of $1,200, perform 80 hours of community service, undergo
intensive supervision while on probation and attend anger management classes.
She granted Conlin, who has no prior criminal record, work release while he's
in jail.

According to a presentence report, Conlin contended the dog was harassing
one of his dogs and lunged at his wife. He shot the dog from the balcony of his
home in the 200 block of Primera Drive. After sentencing, defense attorney
Tylden Schaeffer said his client regrets the shooting.
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That is just HORRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said...these people must be demon possessed to treat animals that way!!!!!!!!!!!
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