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Got back from Branson! Missed you all!!

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I didn't have time to tell you I was headed out for vacation last weekend....we went to Branson Missouri, the Ozarks, and had such a good time!!!

I hope I didn't miss anything important, I can't possibly go through pages and pages of threads....but will try to look at as many as I can before I have to go to bed..it's 2:30 am here now, so I won't have much time.

I thought about all of you and hope everyone is doing well, and their cats too!!! *HUGS*
We made it back late last night! I did take lots of pics, so as soon as they are developed, I will post them!

One of my brothers has a timeshare...not really sure what exactly that means, but apparently he paid some fee up front and now gets to take one vacation a year to several different locations in America and stay in these resorts....we didn't have to pay a penny to stay there since he has this timeshare....otherwise we could not have afforded to go.

The resort was AWESOME!!!! It was like we had our own apartment there for a few days!! It had a master bedroom, 2 baths (one with a jacuzzi), living room with couch that pulled out (for the boys...we took Brent's son and his friend....his daughter couldn't make it) a full kitchen....I mean it literally had everything in it...full size refridgerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher (which I had no clue how to use since I've never owned one) pots/pans,blender, toaster, etc, full set of dishes and even a washer/dryer combo...right in out own private suite!!! There was also a balcony right off the living room. (we were on the third floor and it overlooked a waterfall)

This place also had 4 pools and a recreation center with a game room, sauna, tanning beds, weight room, indoor pool, etc and a shuttle bus service to drive you to and from your room to where ever you wanted to go there.

I swear the kids called the shuttle bus just to drive them to and from the big pool which wasn't all that far to walk!

I have pics of Amber in the pool to show when I get them developed. She LOVED it! My neice had brought her a little floaty thing for babies.

This was a family reunion of sorts....all 3 of my brothers and their families and Brent and I and the kids met there. Since 2 of my brothers live out of state (one in Colorado and one in Kentucky) I rarely see them, so this was really nice!!!!

We went to Silver Dollar City one day and to a wax museum and an animal place that had lots of live and stuffed animals and even sharks swimming underwater that you could watch and some of us saw some shows there, and ate way too much food! We did buy some groceries and ate several meals in since we had a full kitchen, to save money. One of my brothers paid our way into Silver Dollar City, so it really didn't cost as much at all!!!! I didn't want him to, but he insisted and he makes more in a month than I do in a year, so I accepted his offer!

We really did have a good time...hope I didn't miss too much here....
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Glad you are back.
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Debby, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and that you were able to catch up with the family. Can't wait for the pics.

Welcome home!
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Glad that you had a good time. I love Branson. My ex and I saw Ray Stevens, there and just about peed ourselves, laughing.
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Debby, I am so glad that you had a wonderful time!

A friend of ours has a timeshare in Florida and he has offered it to us to stay for free for a week. We haven't decided when.
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Sounds like you had a great vacation.
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Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time!
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It me.... Meme!! I have re-registered and wanted to say hello to you. Glad you enjoyed your trip!!

And how is the baby?? How old is she now??

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I'm glad you had a good time.
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Debby, I'm so jealous! That sounds wonderful! I'm sure you needed a vacation...you're one busy little gal!

Glad to hear that you had a great time and CAN'T WAIT to see those pictures!
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Meme! Welcome back- how are you? I thought about you when they would talk about those horrible serial murders in your state. Glad to see you here, how is Kittyfoot doing?
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Kittyfoot is doing fine. He is on site now reading thread. He cant log in as he was banned ages ago.

We will be married in October or early November. He is fixing to move to the US and Louisiana.
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Congrats on your upcoming marriage- may it be all you both desire it to be....

It is nice to see you here again- I hope the cats are doing well?
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I'm glad that you had a good trip Debby!

Welcome Home!
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