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Mineral Rights - Gas Drilling

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Is anyone else having a problem with this?? That some gas company can come in and put a gaswell on your SURFACE LAND without permission?? I understand that as a landowner in Pennsylvania atleast you own the surface, not the underlying minerals.. So why can't people charge rent for the big stupid gas well which is ON TOP of the ground NOT underneath. If they own underneath, they should find someway to mine w/o damaging or putting stuff on the above grounds. I know a person who just built a house, brand new, and they put a gaswell about 25 feet from the front door. Another person just got their corn field plowed over for a well. When will it end? My family already has 3 on one property. And the worst part is--they don't even produce much gas!! There should be some kind of coalition against gas drilling or something because this is getting ridiculous. And you should see what the trucks have done to the back country roads.. UGH I HATE GAS WELL DRILLING!!!
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That just seems wrong...if you own the land, you should really have control over what's done with it.
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you should see how much it decreases property value.. It's not like you can build on top of on.. Plus, one about 5 minutes from my house exploded.. I heard they had to be 50 yards away from houses but than that one woman who just built, it's in her front yard.. I couldn't sleep with one of those things that close to me. And it's not like she can sell the house now or anything, she'll get like 30% of what she could have without the well..
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Plus drilling wells is dangerous business...my parents are geologists, and they have to wear equipment to detect deadly gases that can be released during drilling.
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That's terrible. It sounds like it pretty much makes your land worthless. I'm sorry to say.
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