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Strange litterbox behaviour

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After Zoey goes to the bathroom.. either #1 or #2 she gets out of her litterbox and YEOWLS lol so then I call her "boo boo what's the matter!?" and her yeowl turns into a meow and she comes running over

She has been covering up her pee but not her poop lately.. stinky!!!!!!!

And I just cleaned out her litterbox fresh yesterday, new litter.. still the same weirdo behaviour. Everything else is normal.

Sometimes she just yeowls in the kitchen too for the hell of it
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My Loki does the opposite - he calls me when he has to use the kitty loo.

She is just trying to show you how good a girl she was!!

Loki also does not always cover his stool but I think that is part of kitty ADD. He is already on a mission / preocupied with something else and does not have the time to cover his stool.
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..........about the kitchen thing.

Loki does that too and when I go into the kitchen he leads me to his food dish and starts eating.

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lol! Thanks for sharing... I swear.. I know how to look for signs of an ill cat but I just dont see any with Zoey. She's not having any trouble going to the bathroom, but for some reason feels the need to announce it after she's gone.
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Neo does that. After he goes potty he runs out of the litter box at 100 miles an hour!
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Yeah she does that after she yeowls!
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our caspian yowls in the kitchen, too. basically, he yowls anytime he feels like he's been ignored too long, for example if we are all in the living room but then leave to check our emails in the office and caspys all alone in the living room, he will send up the most hellacious scream, you'd think we'd locked him in a box of nails!

caspy also does not cover up after using the litter box. i think this is because he was a shelter kitty and didnt' have anyone to teach him any better. but our new kitten, kaibab, is offended by this and will go in after caspy and cover up for him!!! it's hilarious!!!

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Haha that is funny and so cute!!!
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Ok here's another weird one. Zoey poops in the same spot in the litterbox all the time, and pees in the other same spot all the time. Even when I clean it out.. same exact spots.. for poop and pee
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My Scarlett likes to go into the litter box just to cover up anything that might be left in there from the other cats. She doesn't go, just covers up....sometimes for 15 minutes at a time. She also shows us in no uncertain terms where everyone leaves their hairballs. She digs at those also. And come to think of it, if I serve her a type of catfood that she doesn't like, she tries to cover that up also. I guess she is just meticulous.
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lol!! My rb cat sasha used to "cover up" her food. It means either they dont like the food, or they're saving it for later
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