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Question of Neutering

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My boyfriend and I had a little dispute. Apparently he is very ignorant on the topic of spaying and neutering since he is from Mexico and very little is taught about the importance of fixing the animals. I told him that I plan to have Jake neutered. He told me I was a bad person. He was planning on bringing in a female to mate. I thought that this guy needs and education. I told him I was totaly against it. I told him there are many cats in the shelters in need of good homes. They were brought there because of people abandoning them. He tells me we won't be abandoning them. Then I ask him if he can afford to feed all the kittens and if he can't , if he can find good homes for them. He said sure. I need to tell him what happens to the million of cats who are in shelters and are not adopted. Do any of you know of books and videos in spanish that talks about how this poor dogs and cats suffer in the streets and what happens to those that are in shelters and don't find homes? I need for them to be in spanish so that I can make my boyfriend understand the plight.
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Oh man, oh man <giggle>... I'm sorry I don't know of any. Neutering does lower the chance of certain types of cancer and I believe they live longer... Also less likely to spray! Hopefully one of the moderators will know of one... If I get time I'll do an online search..

Sorry I wasn't much help

Heather V. Havel
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Nena....am I confused, or are both your soon to be x-hubby and your new boyfriend from mexico? Not that it matters, I am just trying to make sure I am not confused here....and maybe Mexico has different ways od treating cats than the US does. I hope you and your boyfriend can come to a peaceful agreement and that he will see your side of it...which, of course, is the RIGHT side!!! Let us know what happens!!!
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