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Daily Thread for Friday August 8

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I haven't seen any DT's lately, so I thought I'd start one for today.

I haven't accomplished a darn thing this morning...it's so nice to relax a bit. This week has been pretty rough with the new job, but I'm starting to feel more confident about it. I haven't slept worth a darn the past couple of nights. Too much on the brain and the fact that I'm not sleeping in my own bed. On Wednesday morning our ceiling in the livingroom fell and of course my bed is almost right above that. Since the reason why the ceiling fell was due to my A/C leaking water into the floor, I can't run my A/C at all up there. I swear it's gotta be 100 degrees up there right now! So, I've been sleeping in the spare bedroom and I hate it. The cats hate it too. They just don't understand why they can't go upstairs! Poor babies are screaming at the door and giving me such pathetic looks.

Well...I guess I better get moving so I can make it to work this afternoon. Another long day and night for me!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and a great weekend too!
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Hello Shell!
I hope the ceiling gets repaired as soon as possible! Poor cats!

Went to the vet this morning and got drontal for the cats tapeworms. Now I am trying to figure out when it is the best time to clean and scrub the litterboxes because I am paranoid of reinfestation if I clean before their systems get rid of the worms. Any tips?

I have 4 books to read today, so I better get started

Have a splifflicating day!

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Kellye, I hope the ceiling gets fixed soon too! That bed is just AWFUL! It creaks and is as hard as hell!

Sorry to hear that you're cats got Tapes. My crew had them once before too...so gross! When I treated them, I waited until the next day to scrub the boxes. My Vet told me that the med's kill them within that day and they should excrete them all out by the next day. I guess it probably depends on how bad they've got them too. Make sure you clean their brushes and their bedding too. I was amazed where you could find those shriveled up worms! EWWW!

Good luck on getting them cleaned up and your babes healthy again. You better get crackin' on those books...dang, that A LOT of reading for one day!
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Well, I wont read them all in one day, they are big long books

Oh thanks for remindind me to wash the bedding, they sleep on the spare bed and my bed, so its no problem
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Last nite I went to an outdoor play called the City of Joseph a story about Nauvoo, IL. I got home late so needless to say I slept in late. Not a good way to start the day. Makes me slow to start. Been outside to do some flower work until the sweat got in my eyes. Got lots of outdoor work to do but don't know if my bod is up to it.

Shell, I do hope your repairs are done soon and not too expensive. Also, hope the AC repair isn't too bad. I know what it is like to sleep in a hard bed.

Kell, why do you have to read four books? Glad to hear you don't have to read them all in one day. I'm glad I don't have to read one in a day. I am a very slow reader.

Have a good day all.
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Nancy - hubby bought me 4 books by my favourite writer, Irvine Welsh - and I want to read them Not all in one day though, because they are written in scottish dialect and they take me longer to read than usual.
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Went to Home Depot to buy more sprinklers since I broke 4 of them and also bird feed, the poor birdies don't have much to eat since every bug is inside our house to escape the heat

Watered the lawns and crepe myrtles, played w/ son, slept and now drinking a cup of java even though its freaking 110 degrees!
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Hi all.

I'm moving like a slug today. I was up late cuz I couldn't sleep. I took a couple of Tylenol PM. I finally dozed off about 2:00 a.m. Needless to say, I didn't wake up until 9:30 this morning. Unfortunately I woke up with a headache that's gotten progressively worse through out today. I've vaccumed, put away the dishes from the dishwasher, made the bed. I think I'll lay down for a while. My head is throbbing. I'm suppose to be at my brother's this evening for a cookout party for my dad's 72nd birthday. I'm not sure I'm feeling up to it. I guess I'll see how I feel after a nap. It's rainy and very humid here today. The ceiling fan feels good.

Hope you each have your favorite kind of day.
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Well, today was a bittersweet day. I spent alot of time saying goodbye to people at work today. I really will miss some of the people here at work. It is difficult leaving after 7 years here. My boss took me out to lunch. And my unit got together and got me $70 in gift certs for the book store (boy do they know me or what). Shell - I understand what you me about stress of a new job. My new job will have great responsibility - I will ultimately decide on if people are entitled to recieve government support after the stop working.

Tomorrow I will be taking the day to myself and going to the renaissance festival.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I am off to finish packing my desk!
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went to work this morning and brought some of my homework with me I put labels on 300 bags and then filled about 50 of them with catnip so I have some samples ready to put in the packages. I took a few messages for my boss. He is getting home tonight so I'm leaving around 4:30 to pick up his doggie from my house and drop him off at there house! Then hubby and I will get dinner.
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Shell , I hope you will sleep like a angel tonight and all is fixed for you . jmvito ,I do hope your headache is better after you get up from your nap today . Well , I guess my day was so far pretty good . I got my hair do today , new collor and the end of hair cut . Now I can look in the mirrow again hehehe .I also found out that I will get a Persian calico from a breeder here . The calico name is TT , but I don't know if I keep that name for her and she is 11 month old . Hopefully by next weekend I will get her . So I guess I had a pretty good day today . Also yesterday I adapted a Tortieshell from our local kill shelter , she is also hmmm maybe 1 year old . Her name is Jezabel and will get her next wednesday . Both cats are sooooooo pretty and cat wait to get them both . I just had to tell you all
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I'm glad to hear your a bit more comfy in your job. Hang in there!

Today has been a boring day for me. I didn't feel like exerting myself at work. So I haven't! Do you think I could have a bit of attitude yet regarding the new company name? YOU BETCHA!!

I'm not looking forward to being car-less this weekend. I need to get some groceries at least. I am not fond of being stranded and especially on the weekend!

Carmella finally got to lay up on the bed with me last night. I laid a large beach towel out for her to lay on (because of her crusty butt syndrome!) She is going to the groomer on next tuesday. Henrietta doesn't have enough fur to be groomed and Queen Peaches I do myself!

Those are my thoughts for the day.... so far!
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TGIF. I've been home, for a whole 40 minutes and my dinner isn't ready yet! It looks as though Bill is in need of some retraining. After a long, hard week, slaving over a hot computer and telephone, is it too much to ask that dinner be on the table, when I get home???

Actually, he volonteered. He had a REALLY rough week and we ordered in pizza on Wednesday and went out, last night.

Tomorrow: indoor flea market. I need a car charger for my new phone and AT&T wants $35. They're only $10, at the flea market. They also sell really cute baby clothes out there.
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