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Needs to Be Neutered!!!

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I am trying to come up with the money to neuter Jake. Does anybody believe that if an animal welfare agency such as the Humane Society will help me? LIke, they will neuter Jake for free and I can pay for it by doing volunteer work? I really like to neuter Jake. He is an indoor cat but I really want to give him a playmate.
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I don't know about the Humane Society, but there are organizations that have discount neuter coupons. I'm not sure what the phone numbers are, but I'm sure someone else here does.

Also, you may want to call around to the vet offices in your area. Here it only costs about $35 to get a male neutered (females are much, much more).

Good luck!
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Here's a toll free number you can call. They will give you information on low cost neutering in your area.

1-800-248-6627 it's called Spay USA

Good luck!

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Hi *Nena*

Look at this link... www.utahpets.org/fix/bigfix.htm
They are offering discounted neutering... only $15 which is a really good price I think. It's provided by the Humane Society too!! The locations are in Utah and Davis Counties however... you may need to call and find one in Salt Lake county.. or I may be able to help you get your little one to get the snip!

I read your previous post about your bf not wanting you to get him neutered and he is WRONG!!! First of all, what happens if you break up.. (not saying you will, but that is always a possibility).. who will take the cats, feed them, and pay to care for them? That is definately something to think about! Tell him that!

Anyway, I've gotta run.. work is OVER!! yay! Let me know if I can help.. You know I'm only 40 minutes away!

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