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Help, depressed siamese

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Hello all,

I have a 15 yr old spayed female siamese who is our alpha cat. Our other cat is a 7 yr old passive calico and normally they get along famously. A week ago, I "baby sat" a 4 yr old neutered male for 2 days. During the time the visiting cat was here, the siamese seemed fine since I kept them separated. But since his leaving the siamese has exhibited very odd behavior. The first night she repeatedly jumped in and out of the litter box for several hours without producing anything. Most importantly, she has not eaten in 8 days, but is willing to drink water. Normally she is a very social cat and loves everyone but after the visiting cat left she would hide all day and growl when approached. When she was petted she would wag her tail very low and very puffed up. She has dissociated herself from the younger calico. The calico is otherwise fine except she won't approach the siamese now. The siamese is doing better now and is almost back to normal. She is roaming the house again and is getting extra attention which she loves and is enjoying. But she still refuses to eat and the calico still will not come near her. I am sure I've upset the balance between the cats by bringing in this visiting cat and I am convinced this is a psychological problem, since she has done something similar in the past but never for such a prolonged time.

Has anyone else dealt with such behavior? I don't know what else to do. She is losing weight quickly and she was small to start with (only 8 lbs). Any suggestions? I am taking her to the vet tomorrow to make sure everything is physically fine. She has never had any health problems in the 12 years we have had her.

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Hi Miel and welcome to our forums!

Getting her to the vet is the best thing you can do. Very possibly the stress from the presence of the other cats, could have triggered a medical probelm. At her age, it's more than possible.

At the moment, I'm much more concered about her medical condition. Not eating for 8 days is not good for her (even if she didn't have anything serious to begin with. I think that the behavior in itself will get better with time (and you say it's already getting better).

Please let us know what the vet says.
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Hi all,

I just want to tell you all that Miel, our siamese, is doing fine. She thinned out some but after 2 weeks she has readjusted and is back to normal ie. eating and hanging out with our other cat. I'd suspected it was psychological but I never expected a 2 day visit to affect her so dramatically. I was just curious if anyone has had dealt with a cat that is this sensitive. Response to this thread has been minimal so I'll take that as a negative.

Thanks again
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Just one more thing,

Gotta love those siamese cats!!!!!!!
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So glad she's better now!

We have quite a few Meezer lovers here
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