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My kitty attacks my face when I'm sleeping.

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I apopted two male kittens last week. I adore them and their quirks, but I find that I am not getting very much sleep. One of the kittens sleeps pretty much through the night under the bed. He is less cuddly, so he likes to sleep alone. He wakes me up at about 4:30 A.M. when he starts racing up and down the hallways at 75 MPH. I don't have a problem with him.

His brother is my little cuddle buddy, which I love most of the time. He lays on my chest, and under my chin, which would be fine, but every minute or so he gets up and changes position. I pet him and he purrs, but when I start to dose off he bites my nose and my lips. It's funny at first, but this goes on for hours (all night long). Eventually he will lay down and sleep next to me for about an hour and then the two of them are up and attacking each other. I end up with about an hour and a half of sleep.

I have tried to put them out several times. I give them free roam of the house. I shut my bedroom door and try to go back to sleep but a second later they are scratching on my door. I know they just want to be with me, but I need to sleep too.

Any suggestions?
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I'd try to give them some major play time right before you go to bed and maybe even feed them then too. Maybe that way, their bellies are full and they're tired from all the play.

Just a suggestion...luckily my kitties have all outgrown that part!
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When I first got Oreo, he used to bat at my eyelashes. I would lay down to goto sleep, and they he would very gently, bat at my eyelashes. Luckily he grew out of that very quickly. Now he just curls up beside me and sleeps all night.
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I know what you're going through. We were also sleep-deprived for a few weeks (month?). Not only did Mozart like to purr (loudly) right into our ears, he too liked to nip us on the nose, ear or shoulder to get us up to play with him - at 3am. Or just to wake us up to let us know that he was sleeping with us (permission?). Ginza would attack our feet.

In addition to Shell's suggestion, this worked for us: Saying "Sleep" while simultaneously 1)moving them off the bed, or 2)patting them still and closing our eyes then ignoring them. So they associate "sleep" with "get off the bed" or "be still".

If you want immediate results, then you'll have to ignore them while they're outside your door scratching, or put them into their own bedroom for the night, if you've got the space (with all accompaniments!). It's good that they'll have each other for company.

Hang in there, everyone's right, they do outgrow this!
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Take your hand lotion and dump a good amount of lemon juice concentrate in it. Shake well. Prior to going to bed,shake well again, and put this stuff on your face (if you shake it well it isn't to sticky) put in on your neck and around your ears. You will lose your cuddlebuddy if you do this, and please just know that he thinks you are mom and this is how kittens communicate with mom cat, they bite her in love nibbles to let her know they care about her. It is truly a high compliment that he is paying you.

But the citrus smell will keep him away from you, and maybe then he will cuddle up with his brother and bite him instead!
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ohh so sebastion loves my hubby awww how cute!! He is always nibbling on him and biting his ears moemoe does that to him too...so does storm, i figured they just thought he tasted good...with all the junk food he eat he should
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Thanks everyone, for your great suggestions. I am going to try it out tonight.
I am new to being a cat mommy but I love it and them so much. I am learning so much from all of your posts.

This is so much better than any book I could buy.
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Right! Because we talk back to you! Don't worry cat ownership is a learning process. Some of us have just been in school longer is all.
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