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Can my cats catch my eye infection?

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I have a pretty nasty eye infection right now. I'm assuming it's normal conjunctivitis; I didn't go to the doctor because my friend had pink eye two weeks ago and still had over half his drops left. I know cats and dogs can get pink eye, but can my cats catch it from me? I am leaning toward no, since transferring diseases between species is pretty difficult, but I thought someone here might have a more definite answer, since I got no results with a google search.
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Well i think it is not possible and your cats can't caught your infection because there is a difference in human and animal and animals.So you don't need to worry.
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Actually, roughly 60% of human pathogens are zoonotic. The majority of epidemic diseases actually came to us from other species. Heck, the "black death" that wiped out so much of Europe was actually transmitted from rodents to fleas to humans.

So while I don't know the answer, it is most definitely possible. Until confirmed otherwise, I would lean towards 'yes', as better safe than sorry.
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I actually asked this of my vet a few months back when I had what I thought was an eye infection. She told me it depended if it was bacterial, viral or fungal. That viral was very unlikely to be transmittable to my cat. Bacterial was most transmittable, be sure to wash your hands a lot etc.

Hope that helps!
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Do not worry. Human pink eye is not contagious to cats and neither is cat pink eye (herpes virus) contagious to humans. Hope you feel better soon
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Funny, kind of related story...

One of my dogs used to lick my eyes to wake me up in the morning - I used to get pink eye all the time because of it. I would go into the walk in clinic all the time to get drops, so much that they would say, "You have to get that dog to stop licking your eyes". They finally just told me to keep Polysporin Eye Drops on hand, lol.

Thankfully, since adding the other dog she doesn't do it anymore.
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Please get your own eyes looked at by a doctor. Your own vision is not something to risk, any more than for one of your cats.

Did Memphis (or was it Tails) have the eye procedure done? And did it go well?

I've been wondering.

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