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plastic can lid for small (3oz.) cans?

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i'm looking for replacement lids for half-empty 3 oz cans of food. I know it's kind of a dorky thing to need, but I have a senior cat who is finicky and so I end up with several half-cans that I need to keep around. I've been covering them in aluminum foil, but I'd love it if they made those plastic can lids for these smaller cans ("fancy feast" size). does anybody know if tiny lids exist?

I have lots of the "medium and large" sized can lids and they are great but the little cans are piling up!
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The can lids that I have are meant for all differant size cans - the same one that works on a 5.5 ounce can works on a 3 ounce can. is an example of what I mean.
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Petco sells the lids for 3 oz. cans. I think they are $.99. I use them.

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how have i never seen these before?? i may not have realized that they make a lid that can handle all 3 sizes, I will check that out!
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Check Petsmart too - and ask the clerks if you can't find them...I swear my Petsmart moves the darn things around every week!
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I did find some that fit the 3oz cans at Petsmart, but Keifer chewed it up. Then I discovered that the larger ones had a smaller ring inside and fit the 3oz ones fine.
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Sometimes those lids are up near the registers, so look there! You can always use sandwich size ziploc bags in a pinch.
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My vet clinic has them so I've gotten all my lids free from them. With three dogs, and a whole lotta kitties I do enough business there they keep sending them with me!
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For whatever reason they seem hard to find sometimes. Petco carrys them most of the time. Petsmart has them if you can ever find them. There are also the can lids that fit all 3 sizes which others in the thread have mentioned. Check on Amazon also. I haven't checked there but they probably have a decent selection of the lids. Might be wrong but it's worth checking out.
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I found some at Petco, BUT they really only fit Fancy Feast cans. I didn't realize that other 3oz. cans are slightly larger and the lid doesn't really work. You can kind of force it over the top but it's not worth the trouble. they need to invent an all-purpose replacement lid made out of some kind of gel that can form-fit to any shape. maybe i should hire an engineer and go into business ...
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I have the ones from Petco, and they work for me. Mine are white and are Petco brand. I use them on lots of brands of food, but curiously, we never have Fancy Feast.

I don't get it.

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I found some at Petsmart that are a very flexible rubber material for 3 oz. cans. They are usually hanging on a rack at the end of one of the aisles in the cat section. They are red, light blue and pink. And they can stretch a bit to fit most 3 oz. cans.
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