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Kitty and his new computer bed

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Kitty often likes to climb up onto my desk and lay and sleep right in front of my computer monitor, on top of the various papers, etc., that are there.

Last week I cleaned up my desk, organized it, and opened up the spot where he lays. I got a nice soft fur mat that is just the right size for his spot and put it there.

For a few days, he didn't come up to the spot (which is not unusual). So, I picked him up and put him on the mat to show him his great new sleeping area. The first time I did this, he sniffed it and just stood there, and walked away.

I tried this a few other times -- same thing.

I surmised that maybe he didn't like this 'new thing' or the disruption to his normal habit of sleeping on papers and folders.

So this morning he surprised me -- he jumped up, walked over, started kneading the mat and laid down! Then after a few minutes, he stood up and gave me MAJOR head bumps and purring -- and wouldn't quit doing that for about 5 minutes! It was like he was saying 'Thank You'!

It was a nice start to my day!

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What a lucky kitty
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Beautiful cat! So cute
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LOL! It is true, we exist only for the comfort of our cats! Have you seen Furball Technologies? They make a really nice shelf that fits over your computer for your cat to lay on.
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Hi Hissy,

Yes, I have seen those, but I don't think kitty would have easy access to climb to the top of my computer.

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Is your cat a Bengal? I would give ANYTHING to be able to afford a Bengal.
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Awww what a cuty you have there, I love those markings. Just be careful he doesn't start chasing things across the screen on you.
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No, he is not a Bengal, he is an American Shorthair.
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What a lucky kitty! And that's a brilliant idea!
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That's a very cute photo. He looks so relaxed.
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Wow, your kitty is not spoiled at all!

I have a drafting table to the right of my computer, the cats like to lay on it when I am on the computer. Molly is there right now.
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Kitty is very lucky indeed
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