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Tess has no energy - sleeping a lot more.

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I suppose a trip to the vet is in order. My girl Tess is not acting right. She is sleeping a lot more than usual, doesn't seem interested in play time like she normally is and just seems overall kind of sad. Lack of interest or is something really wrong?

I changed her over to a no grain dry food a little over a month ago. She has had an issue with loose stools since we got her. I was trying to fix that problem with food change. The vet seems to be at a loss on this one. They did give me some probiotics but that didn't do a thing. I thought maybe a food change would do the trick.

Tess always, always plays like crazy in the early morning. She hasn't been doing that for a few days now. And she is sleeping a lot more. When I try to give her play time in the evening she just acts like she doesn't have the energy for it. She'll play for a very short time and just stop and lie down.

Between Jasper and Tess, my vet is going to be able to retire soon.
I will make an appointment for her but I wondered if anyone else has ever seen such a change after a change in food.

OMG, these two kitties are beating me up right now. So much worry and stress. I wish I could stay home today just to be with the two of them.
Wish I could be a "stay at home kitty mommy".

Tess is 3 years old.
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If you haven't yet, please ask your vet to do thorough blood work ASAP. Complete chemistry profile and CBC are in order. Among many other things (liver values, etc) you need to find out where her BUN and creatinine are, whether the no grain dry food is stressing her kidneys in any way, whether there is any sign of dehydration. Also, whether the CBC values show any sign of inflammation, possible infection, etc. There are a lot of possibilities, so blood work is an essential starting point. Be sure to pick up a copy of the results when they are in for yourself, it will be important for you to study them, to go over all the values and reference ranges most thoroughly.

Important! Is she eating and drinking normally. or is she eating less as well?

Since you mention feeding no grain dry, is she allergic to grains in any way? If so, which ones?

Have you ever been feeding canned, especially no grain canned?

What was the food you changed from to the no grain dry?
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List of conditions that can make a cat lethargic
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